BioWare: Cross platform MMOs not likely to take off

Cross platform MMOs are not likely to take off, according to Star Wars: The Old Republic writer Daniel Erickson.

Speaking to about the future of cross-platform MMOs, Erickson explained: "While there's always been a push for cross-platform gaming, I don't really see MMOs being the place that it takes off as a pure implementation. In a community where a one point difference in DPS per character classes can cause major outcries, it's hard to imagine accepting wholly different input devices.

"So until consoles have keyboard/mouse setups standard and enough users willing to find a way to use them in the living room, I imagine we keep the core game to one type of platform each."

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THC CELL2357d ago

yes cause microsoft wont let them cross ps3 xbox live

pc and ps3 go ahead sony will let it work..

firemassacre2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

agreed. the cell

Wizziokid2357d ago

it could take off in time but currently I can't see it working either, MMO's are still very much PC gamer territory. the console market need a solid MMO first then they can look into cross-platforming.

Seafort2357d ago

Bioware need to make a successful, long lasting MMO first before they can make any kind of comments.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2357d ago

Tell that to FFXI, which has been chugging along as a cross platform title for nearly 10 years.

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