BioWare: Decades-long Star Wars MMO was a joke

BioWare's recent statement that its upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic would last decades was a misquoted joke.

In an interview with, Daniel Erickson, writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, said:

"That was James Ohlen and he was making a joke that got misquoted and misconstrued. Always watch what you say at a [convention]!"

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badjournalism2539d ago

Of course it was a joke. EA doesn't leave servers on for their games more than a year, anyway.

gamingdroid2539d ago


Why do you think they don't want MS to host their game servers? So they can control and shut it down anytime they want to force you to upgrade.

EA, the industry's darling right now.

DeadlyFire2539d ago

Only on consoles. You would think they would allow for some games to keep servers. There is no rent your own server option like there is in the PC realm.

PC servers are different. Last much longer just gotta pay the dues and you control it 100%. Kick, ban, restrict, or elevate gameplay.

Console servers are lucky to last beyond 2 years in games. If they do you have found a decent game developer. Rent your own should be available server option though for gamers. As it would create even more longevity in gameplay.

Kran2539d ago

Even I knew it was a joke. When I saw people taking it seriously, I was like: IT WAS A JOKE!!!!

DeadlyFire2538d ago

I know right. MMOs typically don't last beyond 10 years. Some are still kicking though. I do expect Star Wars license being tied to MMO realm to last decades.

Cpt_kitten2539d ago

who cares this is still gonna be epic on every scale

Saryk2539d ago

Everquest 1 is still on, so it might be a joke. But it could be true, depending on the quality.