World of Warcraft bleeding players despite new content

Down about 600,000 players in about seven months during the last report, Blizzard reported another loss in the second quarter. Subtracting another 300,000 players from the player base, the subscriber base for the World of Warcraft massive multiplayer online game has dropped by nearly one million users in about nine months.

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DeFFeR2512d ago

I've never played a pay to play MMO (Guild Wars was fun, however) but I couldn't justify to my wife paying for monthly access to a game. Hell, the only reason I still have xbox live is because I found 10 unused scratch off cards outside the doors of my local best buy - they told me to keep them - that was 5 years ago.

Jdoki2512d ago

It's strange that so many are leaving when there are no recent alternatives to migrate to.

Would be interesting to know if there's a theme to the migration... such as all long standing players, or whether it's new players joining up and then leaving soon after.

I recently re-subscribed after a break of a couple of years. Started a new char and found the entire world pretty much empty except for the main hub cities - even now, at level 60+ I still see very few other players out questing.

The dynamic of WoW has changed - it seems very much that the game has matured to the point where it is not bringing in new players, and those old players who re-roll are whizzing through the content cus of heirlooms and other buffs so the place feels like a graveyard (I am on a medium pop server).

End game has always been the focus, but at least in pre-Cata (maybe even pre-WotLK) there was a healthy questing population - now it seems like players power-level until they can do Dungeons and just rinse and repeat until lvl 85

Still, I doubt Blizz are worrying. If WoW starts to really decline they have two other MMO's in the pipeline to fill the gap.