Now GTA is NOT to blame for London riots, sense prevails at Evening Standard

Spot the difference: The London Evening Standard, whose front page yesterday suggested Grand Theft Auto had inspired London's riots, later issued a reprint binning the game blame reference altogether.

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Kain812359d ago

of course not, Tetris is to blame...

3GenGames2359d ago

Or the arcade game Jail Break, duhh.

theonlylolking2358d ago

I can just see people getting birds like chickens and slinging them at the police.

firemassacre2359d ago

the blame game is lame, such a shame, its a problem we must tame. back to my favorite game.

zerocrossing2358d ago

I usualy dislike rap, but that was pretty good! :D

AdmiralSnake2359d ago

This has to be one of the dumbest articles I've seen on N4G to date, blaming a video game for people actions ? Sigh...

edhe2358d ago

It's a common thing for right-sided people. They'd rather blame things than people. They'd rather ban things than educate.

There's probably a campaign to ban BBM on the back of this. Not try to reverse the cuts to the public services that's allowed this to happen. Not to address the unemployment issues of the area. Not to fix the notably corrupt [re: Murdoch] Met police. Not to actually fix the broken society that's produced so many chancers in the middle of deprived areas who're angry enough to do this.

The kids need punished, the economy needs fixed and the government needs to reshape it's policies to promote people & society instead of bailing out banks who made obviously stupid decisions or cancelling tax bills to massive companies.

SilentNegotiator2358d ago

Right-sided people? Oh please. The blame HARDLY comes from people of only one side of the spectrum.

109876543212359d ago

GTA is not to blame.
What really happened is the chavs couldnt get football tickets so they can travel abroad and trash other towns and cities that werent their own, so they went berserk and started a riot.

Miiikeyyy2359d ago

chavs are nobs, sadly my town is full of em

omi25p2358d ago

Chavs are like zombies. You should arm your self and aim for the head.

3GenGames2359d ago

Stupid people are to blame, obviously.

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The story is too old to be commented.