Blu-ray outsold HD-DVD 71:29 in week of 11/4/07

Due to the release of Spiderman 3, Blu-ray outsold HD-DVD in 71:29 ratio. Blu-ray also outsold HD-DVD in 64:36 ratio this year and Blu-ray now holds majority of HD media market with 61% since inception.

Sales chart at page 4 Home Media Magazine

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MK_Red3901d ago

Wow, imagine if Transformers hadn't gone HD-DVD exclusives, the format war would have been over by now. And Ratatouille, Cars and Pirates of Caribbean 3 aren't even out.

Danja3901d ago

I know im very curious to see how well Ratatouille and Cars will perform..POTC is a given best seller

eagle213901d ago

A lot of these players are in Blu Ray homes. 90k hd dvd buyers sure left that so called movie selection on the shelf. PS3 40GB of HD perfection released only last Friday helped NA PS3 sales to 55k(vgchartz). To ps3limps below: Sony released the 40GB, spidey 3, Britney Spears, Backstreet, Ratchet Official week, Guitar Hero 3 (sold to 10% install base like MS, but Wii should have been 400k). And still beat hd dvd? Halo 3 proved that game sales effect entertainment sales of other media. Sony did good.

sonarus3901d ago

am gonna get ratouille cars and surfs up. then spider man 3 collection and then pirates of the carribean 3 cus i already have 1 and 2. As soon as i get some money:(

rofldings3901d ago

Wait ... I thought Ratatouille came out on nov 6th?

xsteinbachx3901d ago

ya i was going to say i saw it 2 days ago

Danja3901d ago

yes Ratatouille is out but we are talking about how well it sell..

marinelife93901d ago

You should really check out the Pixar short film collection. It is GREAT! My 2 yr old and I had a blast watching them before bedtime.

Leon_Blu3901d ago

Over 130 tittles, get it while its hot !

rofldings3901d ago

Danja - I was talking to MK_RED - "And Ratatouille, Cars and Pirates of Caribbean 3 aren't even out."

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gtgcoolkid3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Waiting for this week's results because I think Ratatouille, Cars, etc will probably propel it higher than Spidey 3.

ruibing3901d ago

I see them ranked really high on Amazon when I went online to buy the Pixar Short Films collection, an absolute work of genius. You just have to get all these BD movies from Disney this holiday, they are just that good.

cuco333901d ago

I expected both to really do well but combined boxset and Spidey 3 BD had a combined sale amount of 130k.

Ratatouille should do better. Cars will be up there as well but I'm not sure about both. Something tells me the demographic these 2 films go for are not the buyers market. I already know a few dads who are buying only the SD DVD copy due to their kids rooms having only a DVD player

beoulve3901d ago

I agreed. Toshiba bought over Paramount will be an excellent move for them to stay alive.

kss3901d ago

good for blu with the onslaught of great movies coming soon, blu should end the war and declare peace in the cosmos.

pwnsause3901d ago

is this before the players went went down to $100??

beoulve3901d ago

same period as the $100 HD-DVD player.

gamesR4fun3901d ago

It was only about 100,000 units and the sales done now unless they plan on giving even more players away I doubt its going to turn the tide.

gtgcoolkid3901d ago

I think they did it to counter Pixar's releases but Pixar is pounding the sales charts right now.

cuco333901d ago

but majority of those players were sold to Walmart...

Guess who DOESN'T report to Nielson's numbers and why Nielson's data is being heavily scrutinized for not including the store ;)

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