Crazy new Wolf King gaming keyboard hits the FCC

It looks like those that prefer their keyboards as unconventional as possible could soon have a new option to consider from Wolf King, which has just seen its latest less-than-ergonomic wonder pass through the FCC. From the looks of it, this one boasts a good deal of similarities to the Wolf Claw keyboard we saw a while back, minus the full-size QWERTY keyboard. That gets replaced by a jumble of keys that could probably be used to actually type something in a pinch, although we're guessing you'll want to have another keyboard as a backup. According to the manual, you can also expect a pair of extra USB ports, seven customizable hotkeys and, of course, some blue backlighting to really make it stand out on your desk. No word on a price or release but, as you can see above, it sure looks about ready to roll out the door.

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