THQ Adds Last Minute Changes To Update Theme Songs in WWE '12

It's a hard job trying to keep up to date with the WWE but THQ tries its best every year to do so. It has been confirmed that THQ has updated the music so late in development for WWE '12.

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humado2386d ago

so this is a good news but we can put our own songs in the game

MrBeatdown2386d ago

Meh. It would be nice if they could all be up to date, but if not, it doesn't bother me anymore now that we have custom soundtracks.

Corey seemed pretty excited about the additions though, so that makes me think they will include Cult of Personality for Punk. I can't imagine him getting too excited about Otunga's theme.

STK0262386d ago

It'd be pretty hard for all of them to be updated, mostly this year, since there's been so many new themes recently with Otunga and Mcgillicunt taking Gabriel's new theme, Slater taking the one he used when with Gabriel, Gabriel obviously having an even newer one, Punk changing his theme last month to the one he used in ROH, Ziggler finally taking Downstait's "I am perfection", etc.

I'm only disappointed by the fact that the KoW most likely won't make it in the game, same with Colt.

DlocDaBudSmoka2386d ago

yea i could do w/o otunga, mcgillicutty, heath slater/ or gabriel.

BALLARD322386d ago

Just fix how loud the custom tracks were and we'll be good. They were louder than the announcers.