Madden NFL 12 Demo Now Available

The demo for Madden NFL 12 has arrived on the Xbox Live Marketplace coming in at 1.53 GB. It features the Packers at Bears. PSN will be receiving the demo in the update this afternoon.

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matrix462511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Xbox Live can kiss my ass, why do I have to be a Gold member to try this demo? Yet on the PS3 I can try it as soon as they release it. Nobody is a Gold member just for the demos. Time to step up Microsoft seriously.

Funky Town_TX2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Oh wait I went to the PSN Store and its not there. The Driver demo is not there either. Back before Killzone 3 came out I had to be a plus member to play the demo a week early. That sounds about the same to me.

On topic: I played the demo and I like it. I have not had Madden since 08. You have to wait a few years just to get a fresh game from EA sports. The updated/fixed a few things that I hated about the past versions.

josh501872511d ago

ill wait for the ps3 update thanks i never understood the old gold members just getting demos games i can understand but demos? thats just stupid imo

2511d ago