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AATG writes:

"As you get older, it's astonishing how the passage of time seems to speed up, and events that you imagine as 'recent history' were actually 20 years or so ago.

The 90s was arguably one of the best decades for gamers to be alive in. Kicking off in grand style with console revivals, and ending on a high note with the emergence of powerful (for the time) GPUs in PCs, there truly was something for everyone.

It's insanely difficult to cherry pick the best games from an era so chock-full of classics (and one that doesn't feature nearly enough in those daft "top 100 videogames of all time" lists that seem to consist of games that aren't fit to lick the boots of some of the classics of the 90s) so forgive me if I've missed your favourites but here's a tiny, tiny selection of the stuff that I think is ripe for resurrecting for today's gaming generation. In no particular order then..."

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waltyftm2535d ago

Nice list, Kid Chameleon was great, Grim Fandango was legendary.

BlackIceJoe2534d ago

A new Kid Chameleon would be cool. A sequel to Grim Fandango would also rock. A new Theme Hospital or Theme Park would be great too.