Should We See Tali's Face in Mass Effect 3?

Mass Effect 3 will answer a lot of the questions that gamers have of the series but will it and should it answer the question of what Tali looks like under the mask?

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TenSteps2534d ago

I hope not. I visited the bioware forums a while back and if one thing makes me smile over there its the ferocity of those "Talimancers".

SageHonor2534d ago

Yes we should.. This is the end of Commander Shephards story... I understand some people wanting to keep their own portrayal and whatnot and that their image may be ruined.. ( Because some people think shes gonna be ugly )
But I personally think whoever romanced her deserves to see her face.

I also think more people will be dissapointed if her face isnt shown.. Just show her face im sure bioware wont screw her up.. just dont give her a make up doll face and itll be fine

wallis2534d ago

I'd prefer not.

But I think that whenever a developer is split over a decision they should just give the players options. Options options options! I hate it when developers don't give the player bases options.

Something simple like if you choose a romantic encounter you're given a split decision as whether to enter a large chamber where the pair of you can be completely naked and in the process you see her face, or the more traditional way as seen in the previous encounters.

I never really bothered with tali even though she was by far the way more... "approachable" female character in the game. Miranda was a bitch, Ashley was boring, Samara had freaking tentacles and constantly spoke like a "I'm disappointed in you" 4th grade teacher and Kelly... whew, what a slut.

HaHa_Ostrich2534d ago

I can already see news with headlines like "ZOMFG Talis face!!!!"
On topic, I would like to see her face, not particularly because of her, but to know what the species looks like.

Quagmire2534d ago

It shouldnt be part of the main story, but rather a side-quest, that way people have the option of seeing her face or not.

funkycoldmedina2533d ago

I really like this idea. (+Bubble)

pungello882533d ago

That is a very good idea I like it a lot.

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