Square Enix Inviting Players to Try Final Fantasy XIII-2 In Advance (Japan)

Andriasang: Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be playable in the Square Enix booth at the Tokyo Game Show in mid September. But a few lucky gamers won't have to wait until then to play it!

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CLOUD19832356d ago

I cant understand if u r joking or being serious..

Spenok2356d ago

Lol im being serious. While XIII was most definitly not the best in the series. I believe people give it WAY to much hell. I personally enjoyed it and believe it deserves the reviews it got. (7.5-8)

So hearing about all they are fixing with this one has my interest piqued.

iamtehpwn2356d ago

really hoping for a PSN demo.

Spenok2356d ago

Completely off topic. But i do believe that is a L pic you have going there?