4 Analysts: 15 Holiday Analyses & Forecasts

Game Informer gathered four analysts to see if they could predict how holiday 2007 will turn out, in a 15-question feature. The Q&A panel includes:
• AIC video game industry analyst John Taylor
• Wedbush Morgan's research analyst Michael Pachter
• IDC's Program Manager of Gaming Consumer Markets Billy Pidgeon
• simExchange's analyst Jesse Divnich

For the record, these analysts actually do play games. Read the article to see the lists of games they are currently playing.

The analysts answer questions and make predictions on:
• Sale impacts of Halo 3, casual games, hi-def movies and cheap HD DVD players, and Q1 2008
• Which third-party developer, titles, sleeper hits and platform will win for this holiday season
• Which platform will sell the most games
• Which publisher will win or die
• The impact of having too many big-budget titles, and which genres and titles will get buried by or benefit from the impact
• What Sony needs to do to get out of their rut
• If Nintendo will bring something new to the portable market
• How the delays of specific high-profile titles will affect their publishers

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MK_Red4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Superb find and read.
I'm not a fan of analyst talks but Game Informer has gathered 4 great analysts and has brought superb and meaninigfull questions to the table. These are not simple "Will X outsell Y" or "Who will win the war" and such.

Raider20004057d ago

Updated description and title.

Raider20004057d ago

MK_Red: hehe, yea I can tell from previous posts that you are not a fan of analysts, but thanks for the approval vote. :)

MK_Red4057d ago

Thanks for the great post and insight.
The questions are really good, usefull and varied. The answers are also pretty good yet different is some cases (Best selling platform, hardware & it's software, buried genres because of big-budgets...). The thing that everyone can agree with is Activision being 3rd party winner.
Liked the part about the troubled devs. Atari and Midway definitly are obvious but not so obvious but true one was THQ. THQ's Ratatouille didn't sell as much as Cars and 3 of their biggest hitters (Conan, Juiced 2 and Stuntman 2) all underperformed and failed to meet the expectations. I also think that Midways isn't in such a bad situation with Stranglehold selling at least in Europe and the upcoming UT3. Atari in the hand is in serious trouble with TimeShift being their biggest hitter IMO.

In the end, I hope the winner and sleeper hit of holiday is Assassin's Creed...

Danja4057d ago

while I am A big Assassins Creed supporter..and planning to buy the game next week..I think everyone knows this agme is gonna be huge sales it's really not a sleepr

Uncharted deserves to be a sleeper this game is gonna be huge also..but if there's ne title deserving of that it's of the most original games of this genetation..

Raider20004057d ago

Yea, I failed to mention ATAR and MWY, but I was assuming that was the obvious, hehe. I was picking one out of the big four (EA/ATVI/TTWO/THQI).

But the other analysts were right, ATAR is in trouble.

MK_Red4057d ago

Danja: I know AC hopefully is supposed to be a big seller but the reason I said sleepr hit is I think it could outperform and surprise even the most positive people and sell like a GTA or MGS game. I really hope it happens because it is one of the few next-gen games that the effort put into it by devs is more than 2 times the effort put into a last gen game. Really next-gen effort has been put into this and I pray that it sells next-genish :)

I know what you mean. It was really good of you to point THQ. I hadn't noticed it and neither did other analysts or people. Thought of THQ in trouble wasn't obvious but with lackluster sales of Juiced 2, Conan and Stuntman they had a really bad season... their only escape is Smackdown Vs Raw 2008.

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PimpHandHappy4057d ago

Pachter: Yes, I do think that Blu-ray becomes more relevant, and its relevance is perfectly correlated to HD TV adoption rates. People without HDTVs probably care a lot less about Blu-ray than people with high-definition monitors. As we see greater adoption of HDTV, we should see greater sales of PS3.

thats what i think and Sony makes a dam fine HDTV

Raider20004057d ago

yea Pachter sure hit the nail on the head with that comment :).

Danja4057d ago

yes he did....maybe he should stop trying to be a prophet and he'll get a lil more respect..!!

Raider20004057d ago


That's what Pachter does. If he only reported on what already DID happen, then he'd be a journalist, hehe.

Analyzing and forecasting is a difficult game and you have to give the man some credit for coming out each month with fresh material. There are 1,000's of us analyst in the gaming industry, but Pachter is the only one to put his name out there for the world to judge. You gotta give him some credit for that.

remix4057d ago

and then all of a sudden when some anylysts says it, it becomes important.

what the hell has this world come to.

sorry i had to say that

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ElementX4057d ago

Which system will sell the most games?
"Pachter: Should be PS2, with the huge installed base."

Bullshit. I bet it's 360. Those gamers buy games

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