Top Ten CRPGs

Armchair Arcade: "A lot of peeps have been asking me to compile a list of my top ten favorite CRPGs of all time. Like most fans of the genre, I have many favorites, and these will shift around as I come in and out of different phases.

Also, this is just a personal list of what I either enjoy now or look back on with the most fondness; I'm not worried here about what is most influential or innovative. It's just my top ten favorite CRPGs, as of this moment. I'm also going to skip hybrid games that try to cross genres, such as Mass Effect and Deus Ex, as well as MUDs and MMORPGs. Okay, enough disclaiming already! Here goes the list:"

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JsonHenry2386d ago

Good luck with Arcanum man. That game is probably one of the deepest most stat heavy games ever made. I jumped on the game back in the day but it took me over a year of playing and restarting before I finally got it right.

Also- Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity should be on your list of games to check out if you never spent any real time with them.

Capt-FuzzyPants2386d ago

What does the C stand for in CRPG?

Neckbear2386d ago


As in, "Computer Role-Playing Game".

Relientk772385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Yea I thought it was computer, but I Googled it to make sure

xSMOK3o2386d ago

Had a blast with all of these back as a kid. Anyone else ever played Septerra Core?