Wii U Challenges Nintendo Must Face

MMGN writes: The face of the industry is changing. The online business models, or ever-evolving models, are changing the ways in which we access games. New technology changes the ways in which we play with games, but these advances don't seem to be pushing the industry in any one direction.

There is a decisive focus each current platform holder must instill in any new console, especially if other firms such as Apple enter the market with their own hardware. One might argue that the Wii changed gameplay for the better, but motion-control implementation is often an after-though, generally implemented in the subtlest of ways.

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mike1up2449d ago

I think i stared at the Smash Bros. Brawl character select screen for a good 10 minutes. I know its not real, but that cast looked awesome.

charmer2449d ago

nintendo just need to get the pricing right and the right launch titles....they are going to have good third party support and good online