Is This Really the Future of Gaming? Count Us Out

WVG writes: Don’t get me wrong I love the Wii as much as anybody and some of the Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move games look like fun, but these 2 demo videos for Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer released just kind of make me think what the hell is going on?...More thoughts in the full article.

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majdees2536d ago

Wrong! This is not the future of gaming. Motion controls will always be considered an option. Well except for Nintendo I guess heh.

Dramscus2536d ago

It'll be an option but it will be interesting to see which way fresh generations brought up with both will go.

I imagine they'll start off with motion because it's a bit easier to get a hang of if you've never played with anything else.
Then they'll probably be form a bit of loyalty. I personally haven't found any type of game that doesn't play better if not more realistically.

People always say it sucks for shooters but really it just makes them more realistic. Beingf able to track someone going one direction with your weapon while you run the other backwoards in a smooth arc is in my opinion more realistic than the angles control pads put you on. Though they are quite good, there's still a bit of straight lines and angles to most of the required movement

kneon2536d ago

That's the very reason motion control was successful on the Wii, if it had been optional it wouldn't have sold nearly as well.

RaymondM2536d ago

I really hope not, I like motion control, but sometimes I just like a normal controller or keyboard and mouse!

Godmars2902536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I honestly feel like crying.

That or getting a time machine, going to that studio and smacking this guy upside his head as they're filming, beat the crap out of any Koie execs there, then go down to their offices to lay down some smack. Only this will satisfy my growing rage.

Honestly, would it really kill them to make a few "light-gun" games?

To sum up - KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

jacksheen00002536d ago

Motion control today is like the Atari 2600 of our time.
And, 5-10 years from now motion control is going to be the diving force leading up to virtual reality.

Motion Control will give us the fundamental understanding of what yet to come in the near future.

who knows motion control might be used in military vehicle/High powered Mech robot like we seen in Avatar.

That being said,Any piece of technology such as Motion control is useful to are species in one way or another.

Close_Second2536d ago

They have been harping on about VR for decades.

jacksheen00002536d ago

Of course they have been harping on about VR for decades.

The reason is...every technology is a trail and error process.Truth is,Just when a computer manufactures gain enough confidence to bring VR to the market,reality set in, and then, they realize that they would have to wait a bit longer.

Now as Motion control we all know that motion control is not widely excepted by most gamers today. Can you blame them? The answer is NO! Simply because when something new comes to the market, it goes tru numerous tweaking before it is considered to be the final product.

Motion control and VR, as well as every other interactive gaming technology is a part of a cluster that feeds on each other until all form of gaming technology meet at the center and becomes one entity. This, of course, is the reason why i think motion control is important to us all.

firemassacre2536d ago

thats my cheesecake, i hope not in the future its only motion it would be bad. honda.

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The story is too old to be commented.