Opinion: Guns And Games

Gamasutra: I have a confession to make: I have become an all-American semi-automatic owning secret gun lover. Fifteen years ago I was giving money to anti-gun groups, and now I am a gun owner with a membership to the local firing range.

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RaymondM2447d ago

I'm considerably jealous right now, because you've managed to speak so clearly about the difference between fire arms in real life and fire arms in games. This is a great article because you've hit the head on the nail and you don't come off looking like a lunatic or gun freak.
Kudos to you!

Pozzle2447d ago

This is an excellent article.

It also reminds me of the argument that many news sites make that "games desensitize people to violence". To which I have to say "No! They most certainly do not!"

There is a very big difference between watching something play out on a television screen and witnessing it in real life. If anyone truly believes that killing people in Call of Duty can desensitize you to taking the life of REAL LIFE HUMAN BEINGS in a real life war situation, then quite frankly, that person is an idiot.