Infinity Ward to EA Chicago: We're Hiring

Kotaku's Guest Editor Geoff Keighley writes:

"Last night when I turned on my 360 to play Call of Duty 4 there was an interesting message of the day:

'EA Chicago: Infinity Ward is hiring. [email protected]'

You've heard of in-game advertising -- but in-game job recruitment? It's certainly no secret that the guys at Infinity Ward aren't huge fans of EA. (They once worked on Medal of Honor and then broke away to build the first Call of Duty)."

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socomnick4053d ago

yea I saw this last night while playing lol.

Retro-Virus4053d ago

Wow !!

Not only they made EA look like amateurs (when it comes to programming for the PS-3 atleast), now they taunt them.

They're pretty much saying " Hey, EA come learn from us", that's ownage right there.

Bragging rights ?? LOL indeed !

ThaGeNeCySt4053d ago

It's still up.. it was the "message of the day" the minute I popped in COD4 for the 1st time

highps34053d ago

PRetty Funny and weird.

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The story is too old to be commented.