7 Games Predicted for Best in Class for 2011

Mike Askren of Gaming Irresponsibly breaks down his predicted top games in each of the major classes. Did yous make the cut?

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potedude2415d ago

Good list, not too sure about Batman beating Uncharted3 though. Subjective I guess...

agentxk2415d ago

It's always the ones you least expect

firemassacre2415d ago

batman aa did not beat uncharted 2 and batman ac will not in my opinion. uncharted is damn near unbeatable. dont get me wrong though, batman ac is one of my favorite games this gen, i love everything about it and will be buying it day 1. but uncharted has too many qualitys going for it, more than batman ac in my opinion.

JellyJelly2415d ago

True about Uncharted 3 in the action category. That one is so broad though. It might as well be Deus EX or Gears 3(as the idiot writer put under FPS runner up).

Also under sports I'd put Fifa 12.

lelo2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Kind of agree with the list ... except sports. I would go for Fifa 12.

Action category, it will a though call between Arkham City, Uncharted 3 and Gears 3.

RPG will be between Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Witcher 2.

FPS should be divided in multiplayer (Battlefield 3) and singleplayer (Rage).

Will Star Wars: The Old Republic be released this year?

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RaymondM2415d ago

I'll stand by the list, it was pretty good.

Godchild10202415d ago

The list was good. I'm just happy MW3 wasn't on that least for everything or had it's on category for all around game.

Not saying it won't have it's following, I just know the COD series blinds gamers of other and most of the time better games than the one they are playing.

Voxelman2415d ago

FPS runner up "Gears of War 3" lol fail

beast242tru2415d ago

battlefield i think will be really really good sick bf3 picture i got the dynamic theme for that :)

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