Catherine hates your soul

Catherine is relentlessly hard, intimidatingly complex and frustratingly demanding. MMGN takes a look at why the game is so entertaining, but yet so relentlessly hard.

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maniacmayhem2353d ago

Finished this game today and yea it was hard. Nothing is more frustrating then moving the blocks with the camera panned way the fu** out and at a down angle.

Also when you accidentally hang from behind a block the controls are reversed...frustrating!

But it was a damn good game.

CrzyFooL2353d ago

play that shit on very easy modez

ScytheX32353d ago

agreed that its frustrating and hard BUT ive noticed (atleast with myself) that after clearing the stage/night i can replay it and kill that shit with a gold award. and not to mention the early stages and so on, the skills you learn on nights help you alot later and also in Babel stages.