Battlefield 3 Will Be Featured at GAMEFest

GAMEFest event hosted at the Birmingham NEC on 16th to 18th September 2011. Players will be able to play the latest upcoming titles set to be released, including Battlefield 3, and many others.

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callmedom942292d ago

Curious to as of what new information DICE might put out, and what gamemode or gamemodes will be able to be played.

Ja555on2292d ago

I doubt they will make any announcements but it has been confirmed that the conquest mode will be coming to Gamescom and so that could be expected to be at GAMEFest

bigrob1232292d ago

im going to gamefest, cant wait should be gd to see whats new and try sm stuff out

Arkhamz2292d ago

Argh conquest. I hope there will be a wide variety of modes to play.

callmedom942292d ago

They could possibly show Team Deathmatch, since they've shown rush, and conquest coming up at gamescom