Sony Won E3, Who Will Win Gamescom? New IP’s Are Coming.

1. NFL Hall Of Famer John Randle Stars On The HipHopGamerShow
2. Wii U Metroid Demo Possible Showing At Gamescom
3. Peter Molyneux Done With Fable?
4. PS Vita New IP’s Will Crush All Handheld Competition
5. NCAA 12 9.5/10 Best Football Game Released So Far
6. Rap Battle – Murda Mook Vs Party Arty

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2419d ago Replies(2)
BitbyDeath2419d ago

Looking forward to seeing the Space levels in Starhawk and the new vehicle they are going to be showing.

I Win!

PlayerX2419d ago

Lol flipflopgamer acts as if his opinion really matters.

newn4gguy2419d ago


Their new CEO has been KILLING IT lately. Sony is doing so well right now!

newn4gguy2419d ago

Oh, and tell HipHopGranny happy birthday from all her fans at N4G!!!

04soldier2419d ago

She passed away last year man..

newn4gguy2419d ago

She can still hear it. :)

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