Battlefield 3 To Display Mig-21 at Gamescom

With news that Battlefield 3 will be displaying Conquest at Gamescom, it is likely that they will be displaying jet gameplay, with the signs that they are bringing in a Mig-21 Jet into the booth for display.

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zeksta2261d ago

Ah Jets, I hope that they're just as good as BF2, loved flying them.

callmedom942261d ago

Jets were great in BF2. I'm sure DICE outdid themselves in BF3 though

Best2261d ago

I, along with all my friends and fellow members, are sticking with MW3 this holiday season.

Ser2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )


That was BEYOND off topic.

On topic: Very actual jet. That's one way of saying "HEY, GAIS, WE GOT JETZ OVER HERE!" XD

Can't wait to see the awesome gameplay.

acquanemesisX2261d ago


How come you make those statements and never make a reason for them? If you had a reason im sure you would get at least a few agrees. Look, you got none.

lil Titan2261d ago

@best your gonna miss out on a great game...well maybe you wont. after 25 min of MW3 you'll realize its the same shit and pick up BF3 see ya online

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2261d ago

Mig? If they wanna display a Russian jet it should be the Berkut. And it should be getting shot down by the Raptor :).

Bolts2261d ago

Lol a Mig 21. What are they showing, Battlefield Vietnam? That thing is ancient.

malol2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Migs are still in serves you know in a lot of countries (not in russian tho)
but yah i agree its old
heck even F-16's are old lol (70s)

maybe that's all they could afford ?!

ATi_Elite2261d ago

Well i don't think Russia is ready to just lone out Su-27 Flankers or Sukhoi PAK FA to video game companies. So that fossilized MIG21 is all we get.

picture 3 is a 6th Generation prototype U.S. fighter......F-22 is old news

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2261d ago

6TH gen is starting already eh? That's an interesting concept but I hardly think the Raptor will be old news when 6th gen starts. It's multiple functionality and exclusivity to US makes it pretty valuable. Heck even the F16 is still being used today even though the F18 and F35 were supposed to replace it.

JellyJelly2261d ago

Could've at least given us a Mig-29.

DeadlyFire2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Nice to see nextgen looks alot like old stealth design.

Acezakj2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Well, they probably don't have the budget to buy an A-10 Warthog..

ATi_Elite2261d ago

A-10 Warthog......Now that's an Airplane!

1. B2 Stealth Bomber
2. A-10 / F-22
3. F-15E
4. B-52
5. C-5 Galaxy /F-117

those are my favorite planes!

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codename132261d ago

It keeps getting better and better.

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