Disgaea 3 Returns Confirmed for PlayStation Vita

Andriasang: There were some reports a few weeks back about a Disgaea 3 remake or port being planned for PlayStation Vita. Dengeki PlayStation confirms those reports this wek.

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2412d ago
Kur02412d ago

D3's story was awful. I couldn't force myself to complete it. I'd rather have a spin-off of D2.

Lovable2412d ago

Haha yeah...though tbh previous Disgaea don't really have a strong point on that area at all either

Kur02412d ago

At least I actually liked the characters.

newn4gguy2412d ago


How about a Catherine port?!? :D

Kamikaze1352412d ago

Nice! I hope the US release isn't too far behind the Japanese one.

DarkZane2412d ago

I am officially getting a PS Vita now.

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