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Kamikaze1352413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Lol wow

You would think we could at the VERY least get a trailer.

Anderson82413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

surprised?... no, disappointed?.... yes

thugbob2413d ago

I officially can't care any less for FFvs13 or SE anymore.

While there are mixed feelings for FF13-2, we can all agree that all FF fans want FFvs13 to be released. I don't understand why SE would push for 13-2 when there are a lot more people wanting vs13.


ReservoirDog3162413d ago

Don't wanna steal FFXIII-2's thunder. Understandable.

But I'll never get why people just write stuff off cause it's taking too long. Are you people that impatient? Good things take long. Mature up and wait for it.

PshycoNinja2413d ago

Here's what we should do:

I say we should start a pention and tell square Enix our distaste for them constantly delaying Versus. And putting all their resources into a sequel from a terrible game. I propose that they are not allowed to release FFXIII-2 until they release Versus.

The second part of the plan is to make this pention very public. To the point where Square can't ignore it anymore. We as gamers can turn this into their PR nightmare.

If someone can draft a pention and a letter to square than I will make it as public as possible and get a lot of people to notice and (of course) sign it.

smashman982412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Versus Xiii has never been delayed as there has never been an official release date as a matter of fact they didnt start moving into full production until last year so will ya whiners please shut up

yes this game looks amazing i want it too

but stop acting like spoiled brats and let it come when it comes

Aither2412d ago

Agreed it's not surprising what SE does anymore. They have actually dropped from my favorite developer since they were Squaresoft to one of the worst developers after the take over of Enix.

My last hope of Square was Tetsuya Nomura and he has come out with little to nothing since the take over aside KHII. Now we get delay after delay for FFXIIIvs and little to no announcement for KHIII since the last installment which was back in 2006. Meaning it's almost been 10 years since the first.

RedDead2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Y ai've been saying it, they may show Closed theater footage of it but noting for us, we all thought it would start to come into the public eye after Xiii but then Xiii-2 was announced so it had to take a back seat again, however the S-E 1st production thingy in Jan 12 we'll probably start to get the info.

Seriously though, this game is nearly finished, I bet on a summer release, unless they specifically hold it to hype it up at TGS then September tops.

bakasora2412d ago

Oh wait..
They might be preparing to announce it as a X360 title as well.

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BubbleSniper2413d ago

i am destroying distant galaxies at this moment. DONT FUCK WITH ME!

Capt-FuzzyPants2412d ago

Alright man lets just take a deep breath and calm down. Lets think things through before we do anything we'll regret.

Kur02413d ago

I give up. SE is officially dead to me now.

2413d ago
WombBat2413d ago


They died way before that, merging with enix was the nail on the coffin.

They aint been right since

Blaine2413d ago


Well, technically, Square died when they merged with Enix.

Square Enix died when they sided with the 360.

So you're both right!

smashman982412d ago

really just like that you guys are gonna act like as if they didnt release some good games since the became square enix

ok well let me name a few

- Final Fantasy 12
- All of the kingdom Hearts Games
- Dissidia
- Crisis Core
- Star Ocean
- even Final Fantasy XIII

no they werent all great but they werent bad either

they didnt cancel Vs. XIII theyre just not showing it at tgs why because Xiii 2 is releasing this year and they want to get people hyped for that

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Nitrowolf22413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Wow I say 2013 release for USA. Until then i am not buying any other SE FF games. Dammit i will probably end up having my bachelor degree by the time this releases.
Only thing that has me excited for this game still is this gameplay footage
3:00 looks fun.
Weren't it for the people in the intro, i swear that CGI is life footage.
This could be SE best FF game in a while. I know there isn't much to go off of, but one can imagine from what has been shown off.

2413d ago
chidori6662413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Final Fantasy Versus XIII= new Duke nukem forever. lol

anyway,probably after this vaporware game final fantasy versus is coming for 360.

fuck you SE.

Blaine2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Oh... Why did you have to say that? Brought back that dreadful memory of E3 when MS first announced that FFXIII was going multiplat.

And I thought I was over it... YOU RUINED FFXIII MS and SE.

iamtehpwn2413d ago

You know, out of all those interviews Nomura has, how come no one ever just asks him directly "What's slowing down Versus XIII's development?"

jwatt2413d ago

I think in a interview he said it was an ambitiuos game and they are putting a lot of work into it.

PshycoNinja2413d ago

There has been reports that SE keeps taking people from the project to help with Final Fantasy XIII-2. They did the same thing with FFXIII. It's pissing me off. Square keeps making one bad decision after the other. How about this Square? Leave Nomoras team alone. Send some people from other square teams to help him finish the game. God forbid you make the fans happy and make one good decision.

colonel1792413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Well, it's certainly disappointing but it was definitely obvious. They want to focus on Final Fantasy XIII-2 since it is coming this year in Japan.

I think they will start to show the game more early next year and it will be their focus for a Winter 2012 release in Japan

showtimefolks2413d ago

is FF13 came out now FF13-2 is coming out yet we know so little of FF13 versus. maybe SE are waiting for MS to sweeten the pot for it to go multiplatform.

and who knows by the time FF13 versus comes out it will be on ps3,xbox360 and wii-u.

I would love for SE to just release this as a exclusive to take full advantage of ps3 but knowing SE taht most likely won't happen.

after that long development time most times games don't live up to the hype.

just give us a firm release date of late 2012 or whenever and release the damn game

SpaceFox2413d ago

They're fuckin idiots...

Misterhbk2413d ago

And after13-2 launches and their focus shifts to versus and we start seeing more info on the game we'll see the same people saying 'idc about se anymore' will be singing the games praises.

ash_divine2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Normally I might agree with you, but weren't they supposed to start focusing on Versus once XIII was released? Who's to say another game won't come out of left field and delay Versus even further?

and don't get me wrong, I'm mildly excited for XIII-2, but couldn't that have waited? To me it makes more since to release that after Versus. That way, people have one less reason to hate XIII-2. And who knows, Versus might of even restored a little bit of people's faith in SE.

The decision to further delay a game that was announced years ago, just to give us a sequel to a game that came out last year, highlights SE's biggest problem. Poor Management.

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Tripl3seis2413d ago

im up to the point that i really dont care anymore seriously this is getting ridiculous.

beastgamer2413d ago

I'm going to kill someone.

Serjikal_Strike2413d ago

Off topic:
can we finally get some Last Guardian info/footage/release date?

2413d ago