Should You Buy LittleBigPlanet 2's Toy Story DLC?

IGN - Whenever downloadable content comes out, there's the question of whether or not you should buy it. Does it add more of what you love, take the game to new heights, or is it just a cash-in on a title you already own?

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waltyftm2266d ago

If you like Toy Story then yes, if you dont then no.

Quagmire2265d ago

I love Toy Story, however the DLC is criminally over-priced.

NyGiants72266d ago

I'm sorta over LBP now. I spent a crap load of time on LBP1 and I've beaten 2 and played a bunch of awsome online levels but I think there are other games worth playing now.

Also if they released the FF7 dlc maybe a year ago i would've been all over that.

showtimefolks2266d ago

if you like toy story this dlc is for you its that simple.

swishersweets200312266d ago

id say no because when GOTY edition comes out you will be able to get most the stuff for half the price i bet. They did it with the first one.