Joystiq: Fruit Ninja Kinect review: The joy of chopping

Perhaps it was unfair to call Fruit Ninja Kinect dumb. Its premise is as barbaric and unsophisticated as premises come, and yet its so chock-full of clever ideas and satisfyingly tight controls that it very nearly circles back around to pure genius. It doesn't just set a high bar for the flock of touch-based apps which will almost certainly follow in its footsteps to the Kinect platform -- it sets a pretty intimidating precedent for the platform altogether

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strickers2481d ago

I don't get it.IGN gave it 5.5 but a lot of smaller sites I've never heard of scored this high.
I'd like a follow up report on if they are still playing it in 2 weeks.
9/10 should be an outstanding game.I do not believe this will be.

nycredude2481d ago

4.5/5 for any casual motion based game is straight up BS. it means they handicapped the scores to reflect that it is a motion control casual game. Review it as a full on retail core game and it would score 5.5 just like IGN gave it.

This goes for both Move, Wii and Kinect.