Pads & Panels: How I tried to play Hunted: Demon’s Forge, but couldn’t take it

Bill writes: "Hunted: Demon’s Forge mostly flew under the radar for me until its release, but once it got here I was strangely compelled to play it. The characters and art style did absolutely nothing for me, but the idea of a more melee-centric co-op experience akin to Gears of Wars but placed in the realm of a fantasy dungeon crawl sounded like it could have been awesome. Not to mention, Bethesda, the game’s publisher, was kind enough to send along two copies for review, to cater to the title’s co-op nature.

"So when I asked who else wanted in, Eric took the bait. It took about a week to coordinate, but we both hopped online one night and decided to give it ago. And based on the preliminary results, I’ll be happy if we never decide to play it again."

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Alos882536d ago

I got the platinum, but it was a long, unsatisfying grind and there were serious balancing issues- on the lowest difficult most of Elaras attacks were far too weak.

banjadude2536d ago

Bill Jones (the author) is 100% correct. All the gripes he had with this game, I experienced too. I REALLY wanted to like this game... I had it pre-ordered 5 months in advance too.

After 5 or so hours of game time, I just had to put down the controller. Everything about the game was so underwhelming.