7.0 Reviews Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012

Magic is a turn-based card battle game. On each turn, you draw a card, and then you may play one mana card (of which there are five different colors) from your hand. Your cumulative mana total allows you to cast creature and spell cards from your hand, which drain your mana stores, though these stores are replenished at the start of your next turn. Each turn, you may also use the creatures that you have on the board to attack your opponent’s life meter, while your opponent may rally her creatures to block your attacks. Spells, which also use mana, may do direct damage to enemy creatures or players, buff your own creatures, block enemy spells, and so on. When your opponent’s life has been reduced to zero, you win. It’s a simple enough concept, which is taught effectively through the in-game tutorials, but the game is nevertheless quite rich and deep, and it adapts itself quite well to vastly differing playing philosophies.

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