Ratchet and Clank All 4 One Beta Revealed Through House Party

RipTen - A Ratchet & Clank All 4 One Beta has been confirmed!!

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xPhearR3dx2510d ago

Yay! Beta's are always a plus ^_^

showtimefolks2510d ago

besides the 4 player story which should be 10-15 hrs long i believe this game should have other online modes like one of the ratchet games had on ps2.

with those awesome weapons going online again others and killing someone with MR.Zurkon lol

I do hope we get a HD remake of all 4 ratchet games from ps2 with their online component

Sigmarue2510d ago

Yeah! Give me codes! All the codes!

Invadersims2510d ago

Sweetness. Free stuff is always good.

PR_FROM_OHIO2510d ago

Let's hope its not another disaster like the R3 is!!

blackburn102510d ago

Yeah I'm sure it was a 'disaster'. Exaggerate much?

jwk942510d ago

it kinda is, the matchmaking was aweful.

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