Take-Two CEO Answers A Question On GTA 5

An inquisitive soul from Longbow Research takes a pop at the Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick, about GTA 5 during a company conference call. The result is at least humorous.

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SephirothX212266d ago

He didn't answer the question directly. He bet around the bush. I think GTA V will release October next year and will be announced late January or sooner.

refocusedman2266d ago

GTA V will be announced at the VGA's this year.

SephirothX212266d ago

No Rockstar will announce this with a trailer. When they debut trailers, they don't debut them at conferences or award ceremonies. They debut them on their website. GTA V is too big for the VGAs and Rockstar don't need a public event to announce the title. The only way a trailer would be shown at the VGAs is if the game had been announced beforehand.

MrBeatdown2266d ago

No way Rockstar will announce a game as big as GTA at that crapfest. Rockstar will do what they always do, and that's announce it on their own terms. No big events, no shows. Just an announcement, some details, and maybe a trailer, because that's all Rockstar needs. There won't be a game site in the world that won't have the next GTA plastered all over the front page on the day it's announced.

kamakaz3md2266d ago

yes they would... and you will be sitting on ur couch next to your boyfriend watching it, hoping to see gameplay footage of jersey shore kinect

MrBeatdown2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )


Really? I mean... really?

If you're going to try to get down to one bubble, you should at least come up with a GOOD insult.

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The story is too old to be commented.