id Software says no to “a crappy Wii version of Rage on the Wii”

While there are plenty of examples of games, like Modern Warfare 3, ready to jump the console gap, take a slight graphical hit, and make a little extra cash with a release on the Nintendo Wii, id Software has drawn a line in the sand it will not cross - so pick your side. When asked about the possibility of Rage showing up on the Nintendo Wii after the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions arrive in October, id Software’s co-owner and president Todd Hollenshead let loose with this gem of a comment: “We're not doing a crappy version of Rage on the Wii.”

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Inside_out2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Wow...somebody needs to give this butter tart a head shake. I AGREE, the game would be a mess on the extremely challenged Wii but how about a little class. Why not say...'s not something we are looking at right now and our focus in on the PC, PS3 and 360. What about the Wii-U rumored to be at least as powerful as 360 and PS3...wouldn't that be a worthy expansion??? I don't get these bean counters burning bridges when they don't need to.

gamingdroid2537d ago

I would go one step further and say, why not allow them to play it.

It's like you aren't allowed it, since you don't have a Ferrari. You know what, I'm happy with my Toyota Corolla (ok, I'm not, I wish I bought a Honda Civic).

It might be a stripped down experience, but it would still be enjoyable.

MidnytRain2537d ago

"Why not say...'s not something we are looking at right now and our focus in on the PC, PS3 and 360."

Because then they would be lying?

tunaks12537d ago

and theres an ios version,

palaeomerus2537d ago

Yeah that's pretty much what I was thinking.

iD:Sucky iPad touch version? No problem!

iD: Wii version? LOL! F-U! Never happen! Keep dreaming loser! Snort!

Zardos2537d ago

Red Steel 2 on Wii shows how a FPS can work on the console, bring something new, be fun and look great.

Ulf2537d ago

RS2 was designed for the Wii. Its environments are very small in scope, and its graphical style is very "lightweight", hardly involving serious GPU work.

The fact that its a FPS is immaterial.

Zardos2537d ago

Why? Both are FPS and both show advancements on their respective platforms. FPS games are better on the Wii because of the Wiimote as actually shooting where you're aiming changed how FPS are played. Too bad Sony didn't really support Move by making sure FPS during the 6 months before the launch had patches for compatibility.

Ulf2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

"Why? Both are FPS and both show advancements on their respective platforms."

You are generalizing WAY too much.

The major advancement of iD Tech 5 is via megatexture streaming. The Wii has 24MB of texture memory, compared to the PS3's 256MB. The Wii has a single HW thread on a 743 MHz PowerPC core, and the PS3 has 2 HW threads on a 3.2 GHz PowerPC core (plus SPUs, of course). Think about that for a bit.

What do you suppose the game does, if its only HW thread spends huge portions of its time streaming data constantly through a relatively small 24MB area (which basically entails even more streaming work, because the streamable region is so much smaller)?

The resources of Rage are designed entirely around the streaming system -- they have to be. The megatextures would probably have to be downscaled severely to work on the Wii, and none of the cool shading effects would work. It would look... crappy.

Not much point in releasing a game where the major feature is streamed, blurry textures in an open world which has its far plane & fog distance pulled drastically in, and gets subsequently slammed by critics and left to die by the wierd demographic skew.

Raven_Nomad2537d ago

Well maybe the Wii U? I mean it is more powerful then the PS3, so it should be able to handle it fine!

barb_wire2537d ago

Has Nintendo released the final specs of the Wii U then for you backup that statement or are you just going on what Reggie said?

Zardos2537d ago

No specs (as is pretty much always the case with Nintendo) but going from what developers have said (especially the Darksiders studio) we can say that the Wii U is a bit more powerful than the PS3.

Ulf2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Honestly, given Rage's release date, and the fact that its not an exclusive, iD would likely have already announced that it was coming to the Wii U by now, if it were.

John Carmack has stated that he thinks the Wii U is cool... but that likely doesn't mean anything, with regards to Rage.

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