Nintendo 'hopes third parties are open' to new Wii U ideas

Nintendo software has famously dominated its platforms in recent years with third parties struggling to get a look in, but that's something it aims to change with Wii U. Wii Sports designer Katsuya Eguchi has said that Nintendo will not only provide technical support to studios, but also share ideas on how their games can use the Wii U hardware - if they're willing to take them on board.

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Peaceful_Jelly2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Nintendo should shut the f up and let the 3rd party devs do their thing.

handheldwars22413d ago

There's nothing wrong with 'hoping' for their platform to do well!

gnb20032413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

I know P. Jelly, I mean, how dare Nintendo offer assistence to third parties voluntarily which is completely optional for them to accept. What kind of douchy business are they running over there at Nintendo anyway...

...on a related un-related note...stay in school kids...

mike1up2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

That was really funny.

Although Jelly does make a fair point. Nintendo should offer any assistance that they can, however, i dont want them force-feeding "innovation" to 3rd party developers. Remember Soul Caliber Legends? Yea, unfortunately i do too.

If the WiiU truly offers innovation then 3rd party developers will be able to benefit from it. I never really bought the idea of "let me SHOW YOU how to use this revolutionary idea". Good ideas sell, and they sell well.

Misterhbk2414d ago

I just have a feeling this console will be no different than any other Nintendo consoles. Nintendo will go on about how third parties are now behind their system, but in the end it'll be Nintendo's own games that shine on the console.

The 3DS is evidence of this. Nintendo went on forever about how the launch would let 3rd parties shine, and nothing happened at all. Nintendo should know by now that Mario and Co. are what sells Nintendo systems. Not third parties.

ChickeyCantor2413d ago

Well shouldn't third parties make something of it?
I mean if you make crap, it will sell like crap.

mike1up2413d ago

Good points.

The 3DS is on thin ice. Although, it hasnt even been out for one year (let alone 6 months). And yes, Mario and Co. are what sells Nintendo systems. But i dont think that its impossible for "core" 3rd party developers to make money on the WiiU. A lot of the 3rd party companies that we're talking about wouldnt be where they are today if not for the Super Nintendo.

charmer2413d ago

i think most third parties are excited about all the wiiu and controller offers

Jejojaja2413d ago

I hope for the same thing as Nintendo does.

Rrobba2413d ago

I hope the Wii U gets great third-party support, too.

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