Exclusive content revealed for Playstation 3 version of Need for Speed: The Run

The Playstation 3 version of the upcoming multiplatform racing title, Need for Speed: The Run, will be getting some exclusive content.

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Serjikal_Strike2534d ago

They could throw in Shift 2 as a bonus disc and I still wouldn't buy it...

I've lost hope in NFS games

Serjikal_Strike2534d ago

Buy it day 1 and tell me if I was wrong

MrBeatdown2534d ago


Why does he have to buy it on day 1? Is his point somehow invalid if he buys it on day 2?

I bought Shift 1 and Hot Pursuit months after they were released and loved them both. Is my opinion less meaningful for not having bought them on day 1.

CernaML2534d ago

Shift 2 disappointed me. But hot damn The Run is looking really slick.

Quagmire2534d ago

I'm playing Shift 2 atm, and whilst not being a fan of racing sims, S2 is a blast! Although drifting is an utter bitch and a half.

Cant wait for The Run

UltimateIdiot9112534d ago

I'm just tired, they've released 8-10 NFS games in the last 6 years.

That's too many.

subtenko2534d ago

Make an official need for speed title "Need for Speed:Underground3" thats the only nfs i'll buy, I bought U2 and loved glitching out the track having free roam imitating the days when street racing had that old street racing fast and furious feel. Chatting up with people with the classic usb mics on the ps2. The good ol days! I miss those days :(

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

firelogic2534d ago

I probably will buy it day 1 like I did with NFS:HP. I played the hell out of that game. Shocking as it is to the majority of "gamers," I play games for the content, not the title on the box. It's so ridiculous to read, "It's not a TRUE NFS game." What exactly is a true NFS game? Cars? Check. Intense races? Check. Great controls? Check. Sounds good to me.

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jdktech20102534d ago

Well, it's been official for a while but we can say it now

MS is in bed with Activision
Sony is in bed with EA

Imagine that EA is at war with Activision
Sony is at war with Microsoft....

They symmetry makes me cry sometimes

Ducky2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Sony are Microsoft aren't really at war. Or well, not at the same level as EA/Activision.

MS/Sony have competing consoles, but they also collaborate with one another in other domains.

jdktech20102534d ago

Yea, I know...just sounded better. It wouldn't be as symmetrical if they weren't at war.

Either way, I don't care too much

F4sterTh4nFTL2534d ago

...Xbox 360 version & both PS3 & Xbox 360 versions will look far inferior to the PC version.

RockmanII72534d ago

Assassins Creed Revelations
Rayman Origins
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Halo CEA

Much better things to buy on 11/15