Gamer Gaia Review: Catherine

Catherine: two different lovers, one man and lots of sheep. Catherine is the tale of Vincent Brooks, a 32 year old man-child who spends his days working and his nights drinking with his friends. The story of Catherine takes off when a pretty young blonde woman named Catherine seduces Vincent away from his girlfriend, also named Katherine, leading Vincent into a world of trouble and nightmares.

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belac092412d ago

i am absolutely LOVING this game!!!!!! it is atlus.

ares21al2412d ago

Idk man the story is incredible but i hate the block moving.

Axecution2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Takes skill eh? haha. I got the hang of it now. Beat on easy, just started my Normal play through last night.
lol what an unexpected ending...

StarWolf2412d ago

i played it on hard mode first like a BOSS. Now im doing gold trophies on normal so i can get all the endings

rmoar2412d ago

The block moving isn't for everyone, you really need to be able to enjoy puzzle games to enjoy the gameplay of Catherine.