Red Orchestra 2 Should Receive MA15+ In Australia - Alan Wilson writes: Anyone looking to purchase Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad from Steam would have noticed a warning that claims Australian gamers would be receiving the "low-violence" version, the same warning that appears when ordering Left 4 Dead 2 from the Australian store.
We contacted Tripwire Interactive's Vice President, Alan Wilson to confirm the situation.

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ATi_Elite2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Dam Australia takes all the fun outta Shite!

Gamers in Australia may wanna write the President of the United States and ask for a "regime change".

If Iraqi's can play Red Orchestra 2 un-edited then Australians should be able too. LOL

P.S. Dam two week delay, I'm getting anxious!!

hellerphant2479d ago

HAHA so harsh yet so true. The R18+ is in the final stages of being approved but won't be in effect until next year so at least there is SOME form of movement forward.

I'll be sure to write Obama soon, but I'm not sure you guys can afford to change our regime, let alone make a PB&J sandwich :P

ATi_Elite2479d ago

LOl....We got money....Just way too many black ops programs going on to hide all the money being spent so we gotta play Broke!

We still have no Clue what the H.A.A.R.P. (Weather controller/Air Electricity) does and I think the U.S. is slowly Terra-forming Mars but not telling anybody cause we launch a new satellite like every month and it can't be for cable cause nothing good is ever on T.V.! LOL

Mmmm PB&J to the kitchen I go!

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