Turtle Beach Modern Warfare 3 Headsets to be Shown off at PAX

Turtle Beach has partnered with Activision to bring high-quality headsets tailor-made for the game Modern Warfare 3 to the market. The headsets will be shown off at PAX Prime later this month.

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antz11042533d ago

I have a set of Turtle Beach x11's. The surround sound is great when you run by a steam pipe and the hissing starts in the right ear and fades to the left. They're pretty amazing!

Raven_Nomad2533d ago

I already own a pair of TB's but these look pretty sick! I could see doing some tournaments with those bad boys.

pungello882533d ago

God if only I had the money to spare but buying the games is burning a hole in my pocket already

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2533d ago

i got myself the px21 for both the ps3 and 360, im set

EazyC2533d ago

What are TB's like for music?

I've got these Sony cans and they are spectacular for music AND games.

I hate the image you give others when they see you with "gaming headhpones" though. Imo they are really uncool.

Plus, non-gaming headphones usually cost much less (my
Sony ones were only £45), and you wouldn't tell the difference.
Headphones and MW2 changed the game completely (in a good way)

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