Suikoden Team Disbanded, Tri-Ace Hired Because They Have RPG Know How

Konami has renewed interest in RPGs with Frontier Gate coming to PSP this year and Beyond the Labyrinth in development for the 3DS. Don’t expect a new Suikoden game for awhile, though. In an interview with 4gamer, Elebits creator Shingo Mukaitoge says its been the Suikoden team hasn’t been around for several years.

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Misterhbk2539d ago

Well that really sucks that the team was just disbanded like that. I've been hoping for a new Suikoden title for years. I was a huge fan of the series and if they ever decide to make a new one I'll be right there. Love the different combat styles in each game. Going form normal random battles to one on one duels, and all kind of different things. Suikoden was a gem. I for one will miss it.

zinki332538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Or maybe,.. because the whole fucking world is financially and socially collapsing in front of our eyes,..

Suikoden games are really great ,.. It saddens me also.

BubbleSniper2538d ago

this is very sad... long live Suikoden 1-3 I have my copies and now this makes them extra worthy as keepsakes, just like Silent Hill and Megaman X

chidori6662539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

i called this Jrpgs is dying..

Even the companies have given up on Jrpgs, anyway Konami is officially dead after this pathetic disaster.

Kamikaze1352539d ago

To be fair, Suikoden games haven't been good for a while. Though JRPG games seem to really appear on handhelds a lot more.

Misterhbk2539d ago

Suikoden III was my personal favorite. Loved the hell out of that game and Suikoden V was pretty good too. The only one that I would say wasn't that good would be IV. Other than that the series is pretty damn fantastic.

SquareEnixFan2539d ago

I agree that IV was the only one that wasn't that good. The first two are among my favorite games of all time but III was okay and I loved V.

Stealth2k2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )


you must be joking because you couldnt possibly rationalize

how konami now has revitalized interest in rpgs, co developing 3 and getting there knowledge back.............. having the suikoden producer on board for all 3.........

And saying jrpgs are dying........

In fact many members of the team are still apart of konami and they all say suikoden is not dead.

Osamu Komuta, director on Suikoden Tierkreis is now the director of Frontier Gate. When Siliconera last spoke to Komuta he said Suikoden’s future is truly infinite. “The game’s universe now lives in the ‘Infinity’ where it is possible for all the games to co-exist while leaving room for great growth and exploration in the series because both Tierkreis and the previous games are essential elements for the Suikoden universe."

DragonKnight2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

It seems to be on life support then. The last Suikoden game was the ill-fated Tierkreis for the DS and the last console game was Suikoden V released ages ago.

I would love to see something like this for Suikoden's future and hopefully on consoles...


I think that people should go to Konami's forums and spark up demand for Suikoden VI and not stop until it happens. That's probably the only way we'll get one. These development companies seem to forget that the only way games will sell decent numbers is if they are produced in relatively short order from the last one, go to long without releasing a game in a franchise and you risk a Duke Nukem type problem or a serious lack of sales, which then equates to lack of interest.

Well, a lack of interest wouldn't exist if companies would simply give us what we ask for in a timely manner. It's like FF Versus XIII. It's basically vaporware now because SE simply refuse to release any information about it, or show it at any game/developer shows.

*EDIT* Seems no longer has forums. Convenient.

TheoreticalParticle2538d ago

MisterHBK: Totally agree. (Especially if you're not counting Tierkreis.) IV was awful. Tactics followed up with IV's horrible cast, and so it was horrible, too. I can't bring myself to fire up my PS2 and finish V.

tiffac2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

You should finish V my friend its way better than IV. V takes place a few years before I (with some connections to some characters), so its like a prequel so to speak but not decades in the past like IV -_-...

If you have a DS avoid Tierkreis that thing or whatever Konami likes to call it doesn't follow the main story or even happens in the same reality as the previous ones. It was an insult playing that game -_-...

Kamikaze1352539d ago

Hopefully some other company picks it up. Maybe Konami would let a developer like Atlus handle it. I would love to see that outcome

DragonKnight2538d ago

I feel you my friend. This is a sad sad day. Suikoden was such an amazing franchise. 1 and 2 are simply incredible games that I still play to this day, and 5 seemed to go back to what made those two great. Konami don't understand what they have done. Or, as a famous saying goes... "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Where's a Resurrection Rune when you need one?

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