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The Walmart Nintendo 3DS Price Drop Hustle - Walmart Scoops Rivals, Fans Scam Ambassador Program

Walmart plans to scoop the competition with an early price drop on the Nintendo 3DS. Learn about the back room deals, corporate partnerships, and the long history between Walmart and Nintendo.

Please Note: This is NOT an article reporting the rumored price drop. (They have already been posted.) This is a piece that explores the connections between Walmart and Nintendo, the possible back room deals, and the reasons behind the early price drop. Also learn how Walmart customers can scam the Nintendo 3DS amabassador program.

This article also explores Walmart's entry into the monthly NPD sales data tracking service. This article provides interesting data for NPD watchers everywhere. Does the NPD Group really cover only %60 of the total market? (3DS, Industry, Nintendo, Tag Invalid, Target, Wal-Mart)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   1425d ago
The part about NPD sales figures will come as a real shock to people who spend all their time online arguing these statistics.
darthv72  +   1424d ago
well ...if walmart
has not been reporting and will now be part of the action. What other big chains are being estimated and should be part of the official NPD report?
evrfighter  +   1424d ago
well its walmart

whats nintendo gonna do? It's not like they're gonna threaten walmart in any way, shape, or form. with Nintendo's stock crashing they CAN'T do anything. They need Wal-Mart more than Wal-Mart needs them.

Classic example of what happens when corporations get too big for their own good. they become the dictator.
kingjoker34  +   1424d ago
I refuse to shop at walmart since i have learned how they treat there employees.
ThatGuuy77   1425d ago | Spam
Rrobba  +   1424d ago
It's the best of both worlds - low price and free games.
charmer  +   1424d ago
good job walmart....3ds is about to make a killing with the price drop
HOSe  +   1424d ago
went to walmart and got my 3ds today (aqua blue).

The real crime/ scam/ shenanigans here is Nintendo charging $40 for ocarina of time.
No FanS Land  +   1424d ago
pretty tempted to buy one now!
Buuhan1  +   1424d ago
So, the people who buy the 3DS at the new price drop and still get the free games are "scammers?" Yeah, whatever you say. I personally don't think anyone who bought the system for $250 should get anything free, cause they're encouraging that outrageous overcharging.
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darthv72  +   1424d ago
you say that as....
if it was a bad thing to get some kind of perks for paying full price. There will be lots more people who will get one after it is official. Should they be given some perk for waiting?

Oh wait...they are. its called a price drop.
Buuhan1  +   1424d ago
If I paid 250 bucks and the thing I spent that on dropped a mere few months later would I be pissed and think I deserve something? Yes, but that doesn't change the fact I don't think anyone should have supported the $250 price tag at all, the price drop would have probably happened sooner if so.

Everyone knew $250 was too much, everyone said as much... yet many of those people still paid it.
yamzilla  +   1424d ago
just buy it now, save your reciept, go back on the 12 or whatever day it drops and get a price match, if they won't do it return it:)

then buy it elsewhere!

Most places have 30-90 day return policy and 30 day price match!
wumster  +   1424d ago
That's what I did. I bought mine yesterday from Best Buy,and the manager told me to bring my receipt back on the 12th and they will give me my money back from the price drop.

I have been playing my 3DS and I am very happy I purchased it. In my opinion, the 3D is perfect in OoT and I can't wait to play Star Fox, Cave Story, and Super Mario 3D Land.
Cpt_kitten  +   1424d ago
when is the price drop going into effect? i wanna buy one but there is nothing to justify 250 right now 179 is prefectly justifiable with star fox on the horizon and kid icarus....not to mention free LOZ links awakening off the market place
jeeves86  +   1424d ago
I'm pretty sure that Walmart is selling this at a loss. This is just to get people into the store to buy games and accessories, the sale of which will net Walmart a nice profit. This article almost makes it seem like a conspiracy, when actually it's a pretty common practice.

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