The Walmart Nintendo 3DS Price Drop Hustle - Walmart Scoops Rivals, Fans Scam Ambassador Program

Walmart plans to scoop the competition with an early price drop on the Nintendo 3DS. Learn about the back room deals, corporate partnerships, and the long history between Walmart and Nintendo.

Please Note: This is NOT an article reporting the rumored price drop. (They have already been posted.) This is a piece that explores the connections between Walmart and Nintendo, the possible back room deals, and the reasons behind the early price drop. Also learn how Walmart customers can scam the Nintendo 3DS amabassador program.

This article also explores Walmart's entry into the monthly NPD sales data tracking service. This article provides interesting data for NPD watchers everywhere. Does the NPD Group really cover only %60 of the total market?

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MultiConsoleGamer2446d ago

The part about NPD sales figures will come as a real shock to people who spend all their time online arguing these statistics.

darthv722445d ago

has not been reporting and will now be part of the action. What other big chains are being estimated and should be part of the official NPD report?

evrfighter2445d ago

well its walmart

whats nintendo gonna do? It's not like they're gonna threaten walmart in any way, shape, or form. with Nintendo's stock crashing they CAN'T do anything. They need Wal-Mart more than Wal-Mart needs them.

Classic example of what happens when corporations get too big for their own good. they become the dictator.

kingjoker342445d ago

I refuse to shop at walmart since i have learned how they treat there employees.

2446d ago
Rrobba2445d ago

It's the best of both worlds - low price and free games.

charmer2445d ago

good job walmart....3ds is about to make a killing with the price drop

HOSe2445d ago

went to walmart and got my 3ds today (aqua blue).

The real crime/ scam/ shenanigans here is Nintendo charging $40 for ocarina of time.

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The story is too old to be commented.