London riots destroy Sony’s DADC facility.

London’s ongoing riots have resulted in the destruction of Sony’s DADC (Digital Audio Disc Corporation) facility located in Innova Park, Enfield.


Update: some photos of the damage have been added.

Update 8/9/2011 9:30 AM EST:

"There will likely be some impact on deliveries," said Yoko Yasukochi, a spokeswoman at the Japanese electronics and entertainment conglomerate in Tokyo.

"We cannot determine the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage yet because it's not possible to enter the building," she said. No injuries have been reported from the fire, she added.

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MultiConsoleGamer2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Dear God what the hell is wrong with people? I hope everyone at the facility escaped unharmed.

Dante1122509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Was the riots over a soccer game? lol I kid I kid

But yeah, seems like the world worsens every day.

Edit: Damn, just saw on youtube. They're trying to get the Armani shop, a warehouse in Essex and a couple of stores in Liverpool now. LA riots anyone? CRAZY!!!

iamnsuperman2509d ago

watch that. Shows what scum the police are dealing with. Its crazy

Dante1122509d ago

*Cancels dream trip to London*

o_o .....WOW!

jdfoster002509d ago

just a couple of youths (YOBS) on the out skirts of london ripping it up. Disgusting what they are doing. All happening in the rough areas though (most deprived) Looting disgusting. Thank god I'm in dentral london!

SuperKing2509d ago

This riot is serious business. This video scared me quite a bit since I live near the area.

gamingdroid2509d ago

Holy Sh1t! It has nothing to do with gaming....

Rush2509d ago

Lolz at the first comment on this thread, it was a riot against the police for a so called illegal police shooting.

They where hardly trying to hurt people, just a bunch of dick using a possibly legitimate cause for outrage to cause mayhem.

It's insane how many people still behave like apes in the current world. People like that need to take an IQ test before being allowed to breed for the sake of humanity.

Will-UK2509d ago

The Preliminary Ballistic reports such the bullet police say he fired back was police issue

Micro_Sony2509d ago

How the hell did this get approved? tried approving something the other day about MS looking for people to help them develop a security system and it failed because it was not game related.

Mods do your job please.

bozebo2509d ago

Crazy brits... oh wait I'm one.

Hozi892509d ago

@iamnsuperman, is it just me or does the Abdul Mohommed look like Amy Whinehouse?

about the video, it's truly sad to see shit like that happen. I should have been there to see the douche who stole the guys stuff. I am smaller than him but would fuckin bite his face off if I had too.

Christopher2509d ago

***Mods do your job please.***

Sony's DADC center is the location where many European game discs are pressed, packaged, and shipped out. This may affect the release dates of games to come in the area and is definitely gaming related.

If you want to question why another specific article was failed, submit a ticket or PM me.

rabidpancakeburglar2509d ago

My friend and I are planning on looting if the riots reach Scotland :)

killcycle2509d ago

This is nothing to kid about when people are dying and in serious danger.

15 agrees too, figures.

DatNJDom812509d ago

Bunch of xbox fanboys. I kid I kid.

Shadow Flare2509d ago

There were riots around where I work. I just took a walk around at lunch and saw a burnt out building, a completely burnt out bus, smashed windows everywhere and lots of looted shops. There's police everywhere, pretty tense atmosphere

frelyler2509d ago

Or, people are tired of police corruption and getting away with everything under the sun just because they are a "good ol'boy." I'm not saying the rioters are right, far from it. It's just that if you push and treat people like crap for long enough they are going to push back. All police in the world need to be fired, retrained, and not allow anyone under the age of 35 to be a police officer. A lot would change in the world if this were the case. Police don't have to be accountable for their actions and people have taken it long enough, this is what happens.

Hayabusa 1172509d ago

No, you can barely even call them riots. They're just random acts of looting and property damage. Thank God no one has died in all this so far.

DeFFeR2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

@ Hayabusa 117

Yeah, except for the guy the police shot that started the whole thing...

BigPenguin2509d ago

This is what happens when you have hardcore gun control like GB does.

Keep in mind the LA riots, there were entire streets that were untouched because one store owner on the street would camp out on the roof with a rifle and let the rioters know it was a protected area.

lil Titan2509d ago

Its when WE can not come together and fight the REAL threat is when they win. - Me

never understood why people would destroy businesses that had nothing to do with why they are mad. you think the government is unhappy about this? as long as it stays over there and not on there front lawn they are not concerned

silvacrest2509d ago

apart from the guy who the police killed another person died today

AngryTypingGuy2509d ago

There was a race riot at the Wisconsin state fair this past weekend too. A bunch of young black men and women, or as the media likes to call them because they're afraid to call a spade a spade, "unruly youths". If it were white people attacking blacks, it would be front page news everywhere you turn, and Al Sharpton would be all over it.

Rioting seems to be a disturbing trend among young black people, and it needs to stop. At least the Philly mayor, who is black, had the courage to call them out on it this past weekend. There are instances when other races riot too, to be fair, such as in Vancouver when their hockey team lost, but they are very few and far between in comparison.

I know that the people here on N4G tend to be liberal politically, so I'm probably going to be labeled a racist for pointing out the obvious, but I'm only doing just that...pointing out the obvious, which many people and news organizations are afraid to.

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badz1492509d ago

what is wrong with these people??!

skyward2509d ago

It isn't Sony's DADC center - just a distribution warehouse for DVDs and CDs - no games:

andibandit2509d ago Show
M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2509d ago

skyward: Read cgoodno's post please and stop saying it's not game related.

farhad2k82509d ago ShowReplies(7)
2509d ago
subtenko2509d ago

This article gets approved while other articles that are gaming related arent? thats BS...

anyway for the topic, yea this is messed up, they cant resist some free sony products tho, they probably stole those new 3d tvs >_> like they really need that...its ridiculous. This whole thing is spreading tho, the question is how far will it go? I hope innocent nice people are safe, for anyone who is near all the ruckus, good luck fellow gamers! Be strong guys.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

silvacrest2509d ago

i think they just burn the place down rather then stealing anything

_Aarix_2509d ago

Stop with the "agree or disagree" thing. This isnt youtube.

kramun2509d ago


subtenko is one of those people that like to pre-empt his disagrees with his little 'Agree or Disagree if you Agree ' ending thing.

He thinks it's clever. It's obviously not as people disagree with him just because they disagree.

Most normal people would take it on the chin and accept that not everyone has the same view, but subtenko is on the 'SAD' end of the scale and needs a different way of dealing with things.

I feel sorry for him really, in a way.

FaulkinPunch2509d ago

@kramun actually not once did he mention anything about youtube asking for thumbs up or anything to get a "top comment" like on youtube.

You like some people I've seen, don't get it at all. He counter disagrees the disagree trolls. Doesn't seem like he's bothered by it as he just copy's and paste that like a sig or something.

By the looks of your comments, I say its working out for him. Lol, I gotta admit, nice one subtenko. Don't let these uptight posters stop you from doing what your doing. Obviously you know not everything you say is fact...right? Well I'm pretty sure you know that anyway.

kramun2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

'@kramun actually not once did he mention anything about youtube asking for thumbs up or anything to get a "top comment" like on youtube. '

I never mentioned Youtube. I didn't say one thing about Youtube or top comments. I explained why he used his crappy sig thing, and that was it.

He's probably glad to have bright sparks like you defend him.

EDIT:Lol, look at FaulkinPunch, check out out his comment history. He spends most of his time defending subtenko.

Alt account? You be the judge.

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joab7772509d ago

Just hope and pray that it doesn't come here. I fear things will get much worse before they get better. We decided to take the easy entitlement way out and I fear it may come back to haunt us. The world is restless right now and we r no longer a safe haven. Hopefully this doesn't hurt Sony too much either after the losses they suffered earlier this year.

omi25p2509d ago

I doubt it will spread to USA. i just hope it doesnt go on for too long in the uk. We are going to have some serious rebuilding to do if we hope to be ready in time for the olympics. Also sony is a big company i dont think losing a distribution building is going to hurt them to much, I hope not at least.

joab7772508d ago

I agree. I may b naive but the more I think about it, the more it reminds me of the Rodney king beating that lead to riots in LA, though the worl does seemed to b inflamed right now.

Aither2509d ago

The socialist left at it's best. What do you expect from rioters who are looting not because of a gangster that was shot, but because that gangster gives them a reason to riot.

These riots have spread all over England and are not just contained in London. Now property damage, theft, and mob mentality is running rampant throughout England. Those who think this is about a gangster are dead wrong and even if it was does that give an excuse to damage property and steal?

There is a picture of a kid with a huge smile on his face after looting one of the stores showing all the items he got posted on facebook.

Kurt Russell2509d ago

It isn't running rampant through England... It's just a loud minority.

Aither2509d ago

Well that loud minority is certainly doing a lot of damage no matter how you look at it. I have provided video's which show the destruction in the cities of London, Birmingham, and Croydon.

I suggest you watch this video as I posted above:

tablav2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Spread throughout England eh? It is pretty bad, but not to the extent people are making out. I've travelled through the Clapham / Lewisham area several times to and from work and haven't seen so much as one looter, so it's obviously quite contained.

The ONLY reason people say this is spreading is because gangs in other deprived areas are using this as an excuse to go out and cause trouble. It's exactly what happened during the LA riots. Many people rioted for the cause, but there were a minority who caused trouble for the sheer sake of it.

EDIT: Croydon is a London borough, very close to the original riots.

thor2509d ago

Socialist left? WTF are you talking about? The only reason they are rioting as far as I can see is because unemployment is still high in those deprived areas. And unemployment isn't high because of the "socialist left" in fact it's lower than in the states.

jony_dols2509d ago

Now that Kurt Russell knows about the riots,
these pikey pieces of shit don't stand a chance!

news4geeks2509d ago

Calling rioters the socialist left lol...

Kurt Russell2509d ago

Just getting my shovel and gaffa tape ready now jony_dols...

It'll be sorted out in no time :D

mastiffchild2509d ago

@Aither-the socialist left? What socialist left? IF there WAS any left of centre politics in the UK then they MIGHT have tried to listen to inner city kids rather than ignoring them purely because they can't vote. I don't condone any of the rioting(though totally understand the feelings behind the Tottenham riot which started it all)but I'm not silly enough to imagine it's just because of ONE thing and it certainly has NOTHING whatsoever to do with socialism.

We had riots in 81 when the tories squeezed the poor to empower the rich and we're, shock, getting it again now when they're once again asking the poor to pick up the banker's tab. These youths should find another way to voice their frustrations but in a society where they get exploited by local businesses for the training scheme money which the Govt forces down everyone's throats with no job at the end or get stuck in pointless education schemes which offer no end product either I understand exactly why they're wound up.

Consider this: a lot lf the youngsters get "paid" around £42 a week when they're 16-18 for the subsidised(for employers who exploit it)work/training placements as they now HAVE to be in school,college or training to work-with no jjobs on offer at the end of it. Hell graduates are finding it hard. these kids feel pushed from pillar to post, told to desire the expensive consumer items and cannot HOPE to afford them despite being surrounded by them every day. They can't even vote against those they feel have put them where they are. I completely see why they might be frustrated and have a lack of respect for the system in the UK and predicted we'd see youth riots as soon as I saw the extent of the cuts to social spending Cameron's lot were imposing.

Sure, a lot of these kids couldn't express this verbally but they're hitting out to get the things they're told by society they should be aspiring towards. they see no hope of getting them legitimately so when lawlessness broke out looting was inevitable even if unforgivable.

You cannot excuse what they're doing but, by the same yardstick, a lot of nasty, exploitative stuff has gone on behind their backs which directly affects all of them too. They feel powerless all the time and is it a shock when they find a bit of power they like it and abuse it when they feel abused themselves?

It's sure as hell screwed up but it's no shock to me-no shock at all. Blame the parents if you must, gaming if you like but it's simply unavoidable, when talking to those who actually work WITH these kids, that they just don't feel part of what we call society and because they aren't likely to vote even when old enough the politicos ignore them until an outcry like this one. If it was solely motivated by greed it would happen WAY, WAY more often but a heated city centre summer among such austerity measures and exploited, bored youth? Always trouble.

I fail to see what the HELL it's got to do with any form of Socialism, though, and we haven't even had a mainstream leftist politician in the UK since Michael Foot was leader of the Labour party in the 80s.

lh_swe2508d ago

@mastiffchild - You got it totally right!

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jspc19892509d ago

These guys are just mindless moronic idiots, who took advantage of what was a peaceful protest and exacerbated it. They're don't even know why they're rioting, let alone who's livelihoods theyre destroying all over london.

Theyre giving the general youth populous a bad name, when 99% of us are incredibly ashamed of what's happening - they give real anarchists a bad name, theres no good cause behind their actions just pointless violence.

On a different and admittedly less important note, if any of my pre-ordered games get delayed because of this.....i'm pulling out the shotty :-P

Ares842509d ago ShowReplies(4)
zeddy2509d ago

well atleast they're insured.

Bleach2509d ago

Whats wrong with people disagreeing with this guys comment, you want people to have been harmed in the fire? This generation is turning into something i wish i wasn't apart of.

DanSolo2509d ago

I know mate, a mixture of Apathy, Anger, total lack of personal responsibility and a supreme sense of entitlement is pretty much becoming the norm in society these days!

We have a whole bunch of problems brewing up for the future and no-one it seems has the brains or the balls to sort it out!

DanSolo2509d ago

What really sucks is I was working up in London and I had a date with a fit bird lined up for when I finished work..... and because of these bloody riots the job was closed early as there was trouble starting around the corner from where I was working.... so with all the alerts of potential riots tonight... I had to call my date off and drive back home to Kent.... I was looking forward to that as well! lol

zerocrossing2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

The rioters are just a bunch of thugs! They in no way represent any of the good decent people in London and elsewhere in the UK. The acts of violence and thievery they are committing is shameful! I hope each and everyone of them rots in a cell because that's exactly where they belong!.

zerocrossing2509d ago

Well obviously one of the rioters is here on N4G, WTF is with the disagree!?

BigBacon872509d ago

Everybody slap the next Brit you come across. Even if they aren't involved in the riots, they deserve it.

lh_swe2508d ago

I hope that was just a bad joke...

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Razzamataz2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

BBC news have sporadic footage of the blaze every so often, but they keep getting locations mixed up. Edit: Seems like they are confusing Sony's facility with a Sainsbury's one in Essex.

For anyone watching the BBC - Sony's DADC plant is on fire in Enfield, Sainsburys warehouse is on fire in Essex. BBC are getting them mixed.

FlyShootRaceSims2509d ago

Oh really? Thanks for the update...>>proceeds to tell the rioters to set the other facility ablaze. :) I'm only kiddin guys!

bozebo2509d ago

BBC news also said that looters took "Wii consoles" from the Sony distribution centre...

sonicsidewinder2509d ago

yeh lol i heard that.

bull-shit eye witness?

Or a deeper sony/nintendo conspiracy!?

Christopher2509d ago

That was a quote from a pub owner across from the warehouse. He likely has no clue what they really took, just saw something that looked similar to another game console he's actually seen.

iamnsuperman2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

The police need to crack down harder. This is just getting stupid

Even better:

Parapraxis2509d ago

These riots were supposedly started by a police shooting.
The first one that is, the subsequent ones, many believe, are copycat riots combined with a few from the first.

Mr Scooch2509d ago

The first riot wasn't really anything to do with the shooting. It was typical Tottenham Youths deciding that they had a point to prove and started smashing up shops , then the looting started and lots more people got involved. After that there were lots of other youths who thought it'd be fun to do the same thing in other areas. The fact that there was someone shot and killed by police doesn't really come into it. At least the LA riots (and the Tottenham and Brixton riots in 85) seemed to be for a reason. These aren't, other than the fact that a small minority of Pricks think that they can do what they want when they want and fuck everybody else! This isn't civil unrest as much as stupid kids playing at being gangsters! I'm quite ashamed to be a Londoner today!

monkey nuts2509d ago

Scooch, this all started because the geezer from the Mandem crew was shot by the law, friends gathered to pay tribute, police turned up, 1 girl who must have been no older than 17 picked up a brick and threw it at the police line, said police charged previously mentioned girl. Crowd got angry at they way the police were pulling and shoving the girl, all hell broke loose. That was the flash point that started it, the thefts and looting is just the underprivileged taking advantage, which pisses me off because as a taxpayer I'm paying for them to live the way they do. Something has to change,

GamersRulz2509d ago

Fixing this is not hard, One bullet in the head of the leader, and the rest will turn into pussies immediately.

tablav2509d ago

Yeah, because that'll work. That's what started this in the first place. Besides, there is no 'leader'. It's opportunistic criminals taking advantage of a bad situation.

Jihaad_cpt2509d ago Show
Bonobo123452509d ago


Moronic behaviour is not country specific....

silvacrest2509d ago

thats how this shit started, i dont think repeating the process will help at all

@Jihaad_cpt, stupid, ignorant trolls should not be allowed to speak