Steam nears $500 million in 1st Half Revenues of 2011 thanks to Portal 2, Indie Titles

Steam Estimated Top 10 Titles, by Units Sold (1st Half, 2011)

01-Portal 2 (Valve) - 1,128,000 Units Sold ($56.4 Million USD)

02-Magicka (Paradox Interactive) - 789,000 Units Sold ($6.2 Million USD)

03-Terraria (Re-Logic) - 580,000 Units Sold ($5.8 Million USD)

04-Counter-Strike (Valve) - 399,000 Units Sold ($2.7 Million USD)

05-Total War: Shogun 2 (SEGA) - 326,000 Units Sold ($15.1 Million USD)

06-Monday Night Combat (Uber Entertainment) - 264,000 Units Sold ($2.9 Million USD)

07-Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution (THQ) - 262,000 Units Sold ($6.5 Million USD)

08-Brink (Bethesda Softworks) - 256,000 Units Sold ($13.5 Million USD)

09-Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Electronic Arts) - 250,000 Units Sold ($4.2 Million USD)

10-Call of Duty: Black Ops (Activision) - 224,000 Units Sold ($13.0 Million USD)

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Ranshak2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Go go Counterstrike, 10 years later still pulling 400,000 units not bad at all lol.

With Sony and MS still in the RED, Nintendo starting to make losses now, At this rate Steam is more profitable then any console maker. Execellent strategy let the gamer bare the cost of hardware depending on their budget, mean while Steam rakes in profits with software sales.

Pandamobile2416d ago

Makes me wonder how many countless millions of units good ol' Counterstrike has actually sold.

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ATi_Elite2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

More than McDonald's can sale Big Macs. LOL

People still buying Counter Strike is the reason Valve is in NO HURRY to make Counter Strike 2

Also these numbers are an estimate.....and I'm sure they are way higher. Analyst always estimate low cause if they estimate high and people loose money...they are screwed!!

Ducky2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

The actual revenue from the games tells an interesting story.

Terraria & Magicka have more sales, but BlackOps made more dough than those two games combined.

Of course, these are estimates anyways, but still goes to show that sale numbers aren't everything.

aquamala2416d ago

you can get it for $5 when it's on sale, and it can run on ancient hardware. so not surprising.

evrfighter2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

"Terraria & Magicka have more sales, but BlackOps made more dough than those two games combined. "

don't forget that valve gets anywhere from a 10%-20% cut of that. Activision gets a huge chunk of that. All the hundreds of developers workin on maps and the game get the rest. That is unless they're working on salary and I can pretty much guarantee they are. Add to the fact that Kotick doesn't believe in profit sharing then working for Activision is just another office job filled with sleepless nights due to crunchtime deadlines.

Terraria devs are a 5-10 man crew workin at their own pace being their own boss. after Valve gets their small piece of that pie then that indie crew heads to the bank with a fat check. they probably pocketed at least 10x more than the devs workin on cod games did.

Then there's guys like Notch. I think every game designer/developer that went into the business have dreams of doing what Notch did.

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BattleAxe2416d ago

Sony's not in the Red, they posted around $950 Million in profits in fiscal 2011, which isn't much considering that during that period, they generated a total of $188 Billion in revenue. Microsoft made around $23 Billion in profit from just $70 Billion in revenue in fiscal 2011 which actually beat out Apple's $14 Billion in profits from $65 Billion in revenue.

Theo11302416d ago

I think he was referring to the gaming side of Sony's business. If you take all of sony's business(ie: television, movies, and gaming)yeah, they're profitable, but if you take the gaming part, it's a different story.

Ranshak2416d ago

Sony as an organization has been making losses since the launch of the PS3. First the R&D expenses on the lol CELL.

R&D itself was known to wipe out any profits PS2 made.

Hardware losses for PS3 were in billions. They have yet to recover from those losses.

fiscal year 2008 610million usd loss:

Fiscal year 2009 890million usd loss:

Fiscal year 2010 436million usd Profit:

However overall this still puts sony at a loss for the last 3 years. And if we are to consider the previous losses Sony Games division will be in billions of usd worth of losses.

As of Feb 2011 Sonys overall losses for the games division stand at 4.7 billion usd:

yamzilla2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

hmmmm...these numbers are NOT from steam....sooo...
I imagine actual figures are quite higher.

Great to see a 10 year old game like counter strike DIGITALLY outsell AAA games on 3-5 platforms in SIX MONTHS!


counter strike outsold the ps3 and pc versions of bulletstorms lifetime combined sales 6 months 10 years after it came out in just one digital outlet!

look at the legs on pc games, BFBC2 getting a quater million in 6 months just on steam alone, add in direct to drive, amazon digital, green man gaming, ea store/origin and you probable got about 500,000-700,000 digital units of bfbc2 on pc from jan 11 to june 11.....go PC!!!

and portal 2, nice, outselling 31 of the top 50 selling 2011 console games from 100's of different stores, on 1 little digital it!

chasedagreat2416d ago

go PC lolololololololololol

NYC_Gamer2416d ago

I will continue to support valve.they really deserve all the success.

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