Playstation 3D Display Available for Pre-order, Resistance 3 Offered for Free

"Amazon and Sony are teaming up for the upcoming release of the Playstation 3D Display!

Pre-order the Playstation 3D Display w/ Motorstorm Apocolypse for $499.99 and Get Resistance 3 Free @ Amazon!

The Playstation 3D Display 24" slim design brings true 3D gaming to smaller, entertainment spaces. Built-in speakers and subwoofer enhance the audio. The standard package comes with PlayStation 3D Glasses, MotorStorm: Apocalypse game and HDMI cable as well..."

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Dante1122389d ago

I know, I'm getting one when it comes out.

M-Easy2389d ago

Remember you need to pre-order (which I just did) to get both games.

showtimefolks2389d ago

when there were many articles that resistance 3 won't be free with the TV now it is. People always over react

but i am thinking about getting deal

i have a 46 inch sony tv with 120hz but my room isn't that big so maybe i should put the other tv outside and get this for my room?

any suggestions?

how many HZ with this 3d tv?

Blaine2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Difference is, now you only get R3 if you pre-order. The bundle was originally supposed to be R3 + the 3DTV, but they changed the game to Motorstorm instead. So if you want a free copy of R3 with the TV, then you better pre-order!

Also, if you're used to a 46 incher in your room, an 24 will feel *really* small! I personally game on a 1080p 24 inch, but I sit very close to it. I'd be happy with this TV, but you might want to go to a store and see if you'd like the size yourself.

nycredude2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )


Well the size hasn't change so how is that an issue now when it wasn't before?

What is so bad about preodering when you get a game for free? Besides Motorstorm:A isn't a slouch. That game is awesome in 3d!

@budget gamer below

That vizio you bought is NOT LED, it's only 60hz, it big for it's size, and the contrast ratio is 200,000:1, below average these days.

you get what you pay for.

badz1492389d ago

I went for the Samsung 51" plasma 3DTV instead of this! OMG...3D gaming is awesome!

Pl4sm42389d ago

it is the future man .... a good future too

badz1492389d ago

but I think 3D gaming is here to stay! even nVidia is looking like increasing its support and so does AMD in the PC gaming scene! KZ3 and MS3 in 3D is awesome! playing SOCOM at the moment and can't wait for R3!

ksense2390d ago

there you go for everyone that was whining the other day. now you get two games when you pre order the 3dtv

windmill1452389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

So instead of getting a 3D TV bundle and Resistance 3 for 499, we now get a 3D TV bundle and R3(preorder) AND Motorstorm 3 for 499? Plus no tax and free shipping on amazon?
Here's my money, just take it.

Pl4sm42389d ago

i would buy it too ... if i had the money ..... but going through this **** economy is hard

Gator_ESG2389d ago

Think that they are trying to milk this 3D thing.

BubbleSniper2389d ago

nothing to milk when it's still young technology and SONY has been at the forefront trying to push 3-d

Hozi892389d ago

No...3D has yet to kick off really well as most ppl do not own a 3d tv at home. This is SONY's first attempt to bring the 3d to ppl at a really affordable price and to be honest, this is great. If you ever watch 3d movies(good ones) then you see how great the experience is and if you ever played a 3d game, ?(Killzone, Motorstorm) then you know you'll have a blast, so at least if they milk this, this is one bottle of milk I don't want to stop drinking.

pain777pas2389d ago

Is there a headphone jack on this TV?

pain777pas2389d ago

Forget it! Just found the specs and there is a headphone jack. i need to know when the Vita is coming out though to make sure I can cover all my preorders.

DaTruth2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Think they are trying to milk this HD thing?

Think they are trying to milk this television thing?/

Think they are trying to milk this electronic device thing?

Think the NFL is trying to milk this Football thing?

Think Playboy is trying to milk this naked women thing?


xabmol2389d ago

Think you're milking this milking thing?

J86blum2389d ago

gamestop is throwing in resistance 3 as well if you pre-order the motorstorm bundle 3d bundle as well.

harrisk9542389d ago

True, but with Amazon, no tax. And as a Prime customer, free 2 day shipping.

newn4gguy2389d ago

Are they selling it AT GameStop or is it just on the site?

J86blum2389d ago

lol why would someone disagree ? o.O .. as for in store not sure. on their site though that what it shows.

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