PSVita Release Date Doesn't Matter, PSVita Games Do

The handheld's release date isn't what matters most: the games do. Delaying the PSVita, just like another Sony handheld that shall go nameless, would still be a bad idea if there are no games to support it.

~ Nick Tan, GameRevolution

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stormeagle62483d ago

Agreed, this is the same problem I had with PSP... nothing that I want to play on it.

Kurisu2483d ago

PSP launch: Lumines

Vita launch: Uncharted, Gravity, Little Deviants, Wipeout, and more.

Lots more games than the PSP! :D

pain777pas2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

There is some truth to that. However, Wipeout pure was brilliant with the addition of DLC. RR was really fun and brought nitros to the series. Lumines was the standout and has been whored out since. Vita seems to have all the basic genres covered plus Sound Shapes which could be the new Lumines. The other gems though are Ruin, Dragons Crown and Gravity. The more I see and here about them the more intrigued I am. Ruin seems to be up my alley and Dragons Crown is a dream come true. Gravity looks intersting to say the least. New IPs for the Vita is great to see from a first party perspective with Ruin, Gravity and Little Deviants and 2nd and 3rd party with Sound Shapes and Dragons Crown respectively.

Stealth2k2483d ago

Way to discredit the psp launch lineup there

it had lumines, and alittle thing called metal gear solid acid. I really great title, darkstalkers, ape escape, ect

A great launch lineup

SilentNegotiator2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Oh look! The Vita has been "delayed"

These sites are incredibly empty-headed. Sony made it clear that they were launching in ONE region this year, and the other main regions WITHIN the fiscal year.

So how was Vita "delayed"? The same way God of War 3 was "delayed" because Gamestop claimed it was releasing in 2009, I guess.

Anyway, I think there's definitely truth to the launch needing to be strong. The hype created by a new system with limited numbers of hardware can create a huge tidal wave. And tsunami waves start very short before they approach the continental shelf.

consolez_FTW2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Well, if u were a big fan of RPG games PSP would be for you. In fact that's why I like the PSP. Huge adventures on the go.
Though I'm excited for PSPVita because of the variety of games already announced. Cant wait for this to release!

BlindGuardian2483d ago

the title nails it

no point in releasing it if Uncharted, Wipeout and a couple more are not ready

Sev2483d ago

So true. This is why 3DS is struggling.

Stealth2k2483d ago

yep the 3ds is struggling selling more than the ds did during a non holiday and then releasing the games when it matters which is the holiday at a cheaper price........

2483d ago
dbjj120882483d ago

I'll be happy with one game, and the knowledge that I'm better than everyone else for having the latest, coolest gadget.

Wait-Wait- I was only joking! Don't downvote me so fast!

remanutd552483d ago

im very interested in Uncharted golden abyss, modnation racers , little big planet , ruin , gravity daze , smart as , resistance , killzone , wipeout 2048 , bioshock and little deviants

lil Titan2483d ago

that gravity daze game got me sold.

Cpt_kitten2483d ago

same here, uncharted is icing on the cake and if they do a monster hunter that would be the strawberry on the icing on the more of a plus if they do a monster hunter for the ps3 that you can bring your data over to the psv and keeping playing on the go

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