Mario Film Writer on Nintendo's Lack of Involvement, Game References, and an Angry Dennis Hopper

Parker Bennett discusses Super Mario Bros. being overbudget, dubbing extra lines, and more.

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Dramscus2392d ago

What a horribly stupid process.

"They bought us a Nintendo system to play, because neither Terry nor I nor the directors had been gamers, so we were playing Nintendo. And the directors, I don’t think were that worried about the Nintendo stuff, like the game references and things."

This is how gaming movies are seen and made apparently almost to this day.

gravemaker2392d ago

they almost done the same to Uncharted movie. Thanks god they changed directors

Tuxedo_Mask2392d ago

Anyone who even thinks about making a video game movie should watch the Super Mario Bros. movie and read this. If they still think they can make a good video game movie after that they should leave the movie business and find another line of work.

CrimsonEngage2392d ago

I thought the SMB film was great as far as a movie goes. Besides, it wasn't even cannon to the games. Who cares.