The Witcher 3 Will Beat Bethesda's Best Offerings

CD Projekt RED or Bethesda? Mike takes a look at who has the better formula for making a compelling and superb fantasy RPG.

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Letros2533d ago

They already put Bioware to shame, would love to see them do the same with Bethesda, however, it's going to be a tough battle, great for us gamers though!

theonlylolking2532d ago

Bethesda is already the worst out of those three so obviously the witcher 3 will beat bethesda's best offerings.

Rushing_Punch2533d ago

I can't wait for this to hit Xbox.

BeOneWithTheGun2533d ago

Elder Scrolls is a tough king to overthrow. I hear great things about Witcher but Skyrim is really shaping up to be GOML. (Game Of My Life)

WhiteLightning2533d ago

"but Skyrim is really shaping up to be GOML"

Untill Elder Scrolls 6

adamant7152532d ago

Haha. Skyrim won't be the goml..

Fallout 4 using the Creation engine on a next-gen console will be. Mark.My.Words.

grailly2532d ago

I guess it depends on which universe you prefer

Semir2533d ago

''The Witcher 3 Will Beat Bethesda's Best Offerings''

- Never.

tablav2532d ago

I think the Witcher 2 is a superb game, BUT it will never take the mantle from Bethesda. The problem with Witcher is that they are tough hardcore PC RPGs. They may be ported to consoles, but TES and Fallout will always be more popular due to their 'pick up and play' version of the RPG genre.

I'm not downplaying The Witcher at all; I just don't personally think they will ever achieve the mass appeal of Bethesda RPGs unless they become more accessible...and if they do that, they'll compromise the kind of gameplay that Witcher fans like.

Merivigian2532d ago

I love RPGs, in fact that's what most of my collection is made of, but I find it terribly boring to ALWAYS worry about stats stats stats. I don't mind having one or two that does that, but it takes away from the story a lot, to the point where it's not fun. Bethesda "downgrading" their game isn't downgrading at all, just like a lot of people have said, switching things up to focus on the story isn't a bad thing. They already said that the points and stats are still there in the game for the stat lovers of RPGs. I'm not going to say it's impossible to "dethrone" Bethesda, but I think they know what they're doing. Remember, they're a business and they have a passion for games. So if they see something that they can improve to make their next game even better than a competitor's RPG, they'll probably do it.

tablav2531d ago

Well said. Also, I think that RPGs should try to outshine each other (so long as they maintain their indivual styles). Surely that'll just make both franchises better in future installments as they each try to outdo their rivals.

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The story is too old to be commented.