Rage Pre-order Bonus: Amazon Offers $10 Credit + Anarchy Edition Upgrade

"Pre-order Rage (Xbox 360/PS3/PC) and get a Bonus $10 Amazon Credit!

In addition, all pre-orders also receive the Anarchy Edition upgrade..."

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Crazyglues2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Oh this is awesome, as I already had Rage Pre-ordered a long time ago...

-One Because it was looking awesome, and also because John Carmack is the Man when it comes to gaming...

No Real Gamer could call their self a true gamer if you don't know who he is..

For that reason alone I pre-ordered this game a long time ago, so this Amazon Credit & Upgrade is Good to hear..


Forbidden_Darkness2538d ago

While I sadly can't say I've ever played a game made by John Carmack/ID Software, i'm really looking forward to this game and I too have had it preordered for a long time now. This 10 dollar credit is a nice bonus, hope more games have atleast 10 dollar credit.

Drazz2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Hell yeah, free 10 bux or no I was gettin this. Looks sik. I'm a huge post apocalyptic story/setting fan. You know the tech behind a game is good when a rocket scientist makes it!

synchroscheme2538d ago

This is why you can't go wrong with Amazon. Great deals on great games.

jdktech20102538d ago

What happened to one place having a better deal than anyone?

I'm literally planning out my purchases because of Best Buy's preorder 5 get $100 dollars in gift cards (RZ points to be picked up 30 days after last game) and all these amazon/walmart credits....not to mention Newegg's 24 hour deals where it's 20% off with a coupon code.

Crazy good deals but it makes my life more complicated trying to get the most for my money

Lucreto2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I don't know why don't do these type of deals.

Seriously they are the same company but you would be lucky to get a pre-order bonus from them. £38.89 £39.99 £38.98
Zavvi £37.85
HMV £39.99

This is before delivery with delivery Amazon is more expensive. They provide no insentive to go with them over the other retailers except certain collectors editions but Amazon never get an exclusive CE.

RockmanII72538d ago

Interesting, getting Rage for $50 would be great but there are still other games I want to get.

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