Microsoft tells Japanese gaming division to try, try again

Turns out, the home of Mario and Sonic is still a tough world to penetrate for Microsoft's gaming division, despite its near-decade presence in the market. While homegrown Nintendo and Sony products receive much of the love and Yen, newly-hatched industry outsiders are left to fend for themselves. Having finally broached the one million mark in Japan for its five-year-old console, MS is shifting the focus to its Kinect launch failures

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KingSlayer2390d ago

You have to commend their dedication.

zerocrossing2390d ago

The Japanese are'nt stupid, they dont want a ton of FPS, TPS shovelware. They make enough of their own quality games, why would they want anything MS is trying to dump on them?

firemassacre2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

japanese people are very intelligent individuals.they tend to buy reliable things, they are way smarter than americans, i thought i was smart graduating a year early, but these people gratuate at such young ages its unbelievable. great people and culture aswell. umbasa


zerocrossing2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I agree compleatly I had the lucky fortune of visiting Japan last year, and it was incredable, the culture, technology, people I couldnt have had a better time.

Why the hell do you only have one bubble!? O.o you're like the 3rd person who knows their stuff Iv spoken to here with only 1! N4G must be crazy

*Bubble for you*

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HaloSpartan2388d ago

yea i am sure Japanese are intelligent,buying dating sims...

_Empath_2388d ago

@Halospartan Japanese have more smarts period. Now go eat Mcdonalds and watch Two and Half Man.

gamingdroid2388d ago


I wouldn't call it as much intelligence as it is culture.

Bzone242388d ago

You want to make fun of the intelligence of Americans because of what they watch? Have you ever watched a Japanese game show?

paintsville2387d ago

I'm not even sure why Microsoft gives a flip about that small closed market anyway? Anyway, the japanese gaming community are much like Ps3 owners. They only buy their own manufactured products just like ps3 owners only buy exclusives (even if 99% of games aren't and perform better on 360).

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VINNIEPAZ2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

"The Japanese are'nt stupid, they dont want a ton of FPS, TPS shovelware"

Yea because Wii doesn't have shovelware and its lineup of game is soooooooooooooo good. (sarcasm)

[email protected] FlashXIII - Wait, did you just say japan is better because they are more open mined to cartoon porn (hentai) and not toward family friendly games? LMMFAO WTF?

[email protected] Zerocrossing - What wrong with liking both. Hell I like Gears of war just as much as Shadows Of the Damned

zerocrossing2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Yeah because the Wii is the only console in Japan and all the Shovelware titles are developed by Japanese devs. (Sarcasm)

The PS3, PSP, DS, 3DS, and also the "Wii" in Japan have more than enough quality titles.

They don't care much for Western games, and going by the mess of the current western developed games im partial to joining them.

FlashXIII2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Japan haters are gonna hate but the fact there are things like dating games and cartoon porn (hentai) is a testament to just how open minded and accepting they are as a nation. Things like that will never be mainstream in the west because we know society would frown upon it and ridicule us.

zerocrossing2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I think everyone in the west should take note of just how normal Japanese people turn out, especially when surrounded by all the stuff that's apparently supposed to mess you up.

Im not saying Japan is perfect, Where is? all im saying is, if we at least tried to be more open with things like violence and sex all the things the young generation in Japan witness all around them or watch in anime and such, growing up like that they probably are more open and less likely to commit acts of violence or feel awkward with their sexuality since they wont have to go looking to hard to see a cute girl (anime or otherwise)

We obviously have it so right in the west already though, I mean how often do you hear about violence in the west on the news? or sex being negatively spoken about as if its some dirty disease?.

Eiffel2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Methinks zerocrossing obsess too much.

TheDivine2388d ago

Thats the point though MS brought out tons of jrpgs and japanese games for them but despite having ALL the jrpgs at the time Japan wouldnt touch the 360. Now they have alot of BIG names in japan working on kinect but they still dont care. Ms has tons of niche japanese titles like novels and all the shmups on xbl. Honestly it doesnt matter what ms has japan will NEVER give the 360 a fair shake. Sony had like zero games and ms had Magna Carta 2, Vespeia, Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Enchanted Arms, and Eternal Sonata and nobody gave a hoot. Japan doesnt like ms.

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Magnus2390d ago

Everybody knows a console that comes from the west is a tuff sell. Look at Atari they tried and they sunk over there Nintendo and Sony are the main consoles. Microsoft also has to remember when it comes to the Kinnect the avaerage Japanese living room is small and does really allow alot of people to enjoy Kinnect.

miyamoto2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

It's pretty amazing how the Apple iPhone & Google Android phones,American products, sell so well in Japan but not Microsoft's Xbox 360. Why?

Narutone662389d ago

Try selling defective product to smart people, you can only fool them once. But sell a defective product to dumb people, and you can do it again and again.

HaloSpartan2388d ago

ps2 had dre and still sold in japan. xbox 1 never had issues and sold even less than 360. stop being bitter that sony is last now.

death2smoochie2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

PS1 and the PS2 had design flaws and hardware issues with the drives and heat dissipation, yet Japanese consumers bought them. Both times. So they were fooled again and again...just to quote you ;-)
So it has nothing to do with reliable products per say because the first two playstation consoles were not exactly made reliable. One console had over heating issues that would warp the plastic disk CD Drive and the other console had disk read error.
It's only the PS3 for Sony that was built rock solid. That's 1/3 for Sony.
So it seems even Japanese consumers buy faulty products also;-)

Venjense2387d ago

Xbox one had horrible DVD drives, they'd leave rings on the discs.

MS has a rep for releasing very faulty hardware. 360 was probably one of the most defective electronics ever.

It certainy is the most defective console released.

Narutone662387d ago

I still have my PS2, DC, GC, and SNES. They are all still working. The defect you say that the PS2 has pale in comparison to the 360. MS should had 360 recalled in the first place. It was a design defect in the first place. Because MS didn't recall the 360, expect other electric consumer companies to put out defective products and they don't have to do a recall. It's all thanks to MS.

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KongRudi2388d ago

Both Sony and Nintendo cater more to japaneese gamers.

And they also sell the entire game, instead of only the offline parts, and renting access to the online parts of the game.

So when they buy Monster Hunter, they are finnished paying for it when they leave the store - and when they buy Halo they still need to pay to play.

7xsPD2388d ago

They also cater to children.

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