Take-Two Conference round-up: Kinect, Vita + WiiU, subscription services, XCOM + life without GTA V

SystemLink: "At the Take-Two conference call to discuss the fiscal 2012 Q1 results, a huge and wild breadth of all things gaming was discussed when investors were given the floor to call in and ask questions. Below is the most accurate paraphrasing would could muster from the live-feed."

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MoreRPG2262d ago

Duke Nukem received disappointing reviews from critics, but was profitable.
i don't like the sound of this

Rashonality2262d ago

still waiting for Max Payne 3 and Agent.

Electroshocked2262d ago

Exactly, where the f**k is Agent?

ATi_Elite2262d ago

Agent might be next Gen cause GTA V and DLC is gonna take a lot of time!

Agent is no longer a Sony exclusive and that's from the mouth of Sony's Game Ceo!

Max Payne 3 holiday 2012. they got so many complaints i think they made a lot of changes.

Rashonality2261d ago

i don't think they'll make it next gen for two reasons:

1- i don't think they would abandon their work and amount of money they spent on doing it on the current hardware and make it next gen, i mean look at Bully they release it on PS2 though the Xbox 360 was released for about a year and the PS3 was a month away, so i highly doubt it will be next gen.

2-the current gen will grant them good sales cuz there's about 100 million consoles already sold and by the time Agent will be released even more while the next gen will take about 6-7 years from now till they reach that number.

and about it being multiplatrom, i don't know but i won't be surprised, L.A Noire was exclusive and went Multi so its not far fetched.

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NYC_Gamer2262d ago

GTA5 can wait til next gen

SephirothX212262d ago

Last gen had three main GTAs. We've only had one this gen so far. Do you honestly think there will only be one GTA this gen. Rockstar North have been working on GTA V since 2008. It will release next year. Mark my words.

ATi_Elite2262d ago

I want to GTA V PC to look better than GTAIV PC with the Icenhancer mod.

2012 GTA V will be out.

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