Lockout or Not, Madden NFL 12 Was Not Going To Hold Anything Back

Joel Taveras writes, "We recently had the chance to attend the EA Sports Madden NFL Pro Am party at the Bryant Park Grill in the heart of New York City. While there we had the chance to catch up with Madden NFL ratings Czar, Donny Moore one more time to talk about the excitement surrounding Madden now that the NFL lockout is officially a thing of the past. And most importantly discussed whether or not the team at Tiburon considered “holding back” on this year’s version due to the looming lockout. Check out the full interview below and just try to not be excited for some football!"

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NYC_Gamer2480d ago

this franchise needs like a 2yr break

dinkeldinkse2480d ago

This year would have been a great time because the uncertainity with the lockout. Instead a game with extremly inaccurate rosters and CBA rules is being released.

jeseth2480d ago

I kind of agree . . . same for COD.

I think these franchises (Annual Sports Games - 2K, The Show, Madden) and games like COD would benefit more from a release every other year with just weapon/maps/roster updates and DLC between releases.

The problem with uber popular annual games is that studios try too much to improve their game for their fans each year and that often results in ideas, features, and "improvements" the often come off as unfinished.

I still love Madden though . . its just part of teh new NFL season! Its part of the excitement!

dinkeldinkse2480d ago

But they are making good money so that will never stop. It just gets annoying dealing with the same problems in each iteration because the developers just doesn't have enough time to fix problems, update rosters(Sports Games), and add new stuff to the gameplay or they just do not care.

haymoza2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

This franchise needs to go to F*%^ing hell. ESPN 2K5 was easily the best NFL game ever, and would have been the face of NFL football games had Madden never prevented them to make games. The only thing dumber than Madden games, are the consu .... never mind.

Wenis2480d ago

No way, NFL Blitz was the best

Armyntt2480d ago

First off why couldnt the 2K and Madden series' co-exist? Both were great titles. EA just made the smart business decision. Now those of us that love madden believe every year we get our moneys worth. Rather its an updated roster or not. We love football and even if its just the roster we could be cool with that. Because like playin the backbreaker series its just lame without the stars. You entitled to your opinion as am I. So you can hate on the game all u want but those of us that love the madden series are not just mindless sheep. To people who dont get "it" like yourself its prolly becasue you arent any good at the game. Believe it or not but the strategy in American football is what makes it one of the greatest sports on earth.

CommonCent2480d ago

You have failed as a consumer.

Armyntt2480d ago

How so? Why? Because i purchased a game i get entertainment from? Because i enjoy the sport of american football? You have failed to understand the differences between facts and opinions. Although i do understand around here in N4G that people take "their" opinions as facts and reputable sources.

jeseth2480d ago

I think people just like to romanticize about NFL 2K.

There is a reason 2K lost. It wasn't as good. It didn't win over the football crowd. Madden is a great game and EA is constantly trying to improve their product. NFL 2K was the same game every year. People make fun of Madden for not changing, 2K was way worse.

Even if 2K came back, Madden would still sell more.

jdktech20102480d ago

Holy's a 6 year old game...MOVE ON PEOPLE.

It was fun but I don't see why everyone thinks it was the best game ever in the existence of football games. Have Maddens been improving substantially ever year? No, but then again that's why I buy it every other year. Sometimes I'll alternate with NCAA.....

I hate the internet, all people do is whine on it.

dktxx22480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

They think it's the best football game in existence because quite frankly, it is. At least it's a lot better than Madden is, to this very day. Hell 2k5 still has features in it that the Madden series have never touched.

And it's not whining when people complain about a company that buys out the competition and releases a sub-par product just because they know people will buy it regardless of its quality. It's trying to make others stop buying stupid crap so the rest of us could have a good NFL football game for once.

GunofthePatriots2480d ago

all EA does is change the last number on the cover and sells the same game from last year. basically the CoD of sport games

Armyntt2480d ago

Ignorance must be bliss, huh?

dktxx22480d ago

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

jeseth2480d ago

I love all the COD and Madden hate.

If 2K was so great then why is it dead? If it was so great then they would have sold enought copy to continue the license. If Battlefield was so great it would sell more than COD.

But 2K and Battlefield will never be as successful as Madden and COD. COD has by far set the bar for Console online play . . . nothing touches its online community, playability, gameplay, and fun. Battlefield is a f'n campfest. Worse than COD. Madden is great. They constantly try to improve the game be it graphics, game modes (Hit Stick is the BEST), etc.

People just complain about these games because it is easy to create stereotypical, vague complaints about it that can be said about every game. 2K was okay. But Madden 2006 on PS2 was better than any 2K game ever made.

People just love to live in their nostalgic yester year. 2K lost out for a reason. WASNT AS GOOD AS MADDEN.

Les-Grossman2480d ago

Isn't this EA's last year with NFL exclusivity ?

NoobJobz2480d ago

I don't think it is. It may been have at one point but I think it's even later now. I think NFL 2k14 will be the first year back.

CommonCent2480d ago

I would incorporate euphoria if I was them, Madden's shitty animations make my eyes sorer every year.

SquareEnixFan2480d ago

Can't wait. I love the Madden series. Also I might be the only person who thinks this but ESPN 2k5 wasn't even the best football game the year it came out. It was a good game but it gets more and more overrated as time goes on.