Three new Final Fantasy IV videos

Square Enix has updated the official website of Final Fantasy IV and added three new videos. Each video focuses on a different character: Cecil, Kain and Rosa.

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PS360WII4024d ago

Pretty good I hope they get some decent english voice acting as well. This is shaping up to be quite the re-make.

cloud360-7th_account4024d ago

Nice. Better than any rpg game on DS right now

ItsDubC4024d ago

I'm so psyched about this game! The camera angles make for some awesome cinematics and I'm glad that they haven't changed the music too much (FFIV has the best battle themes IMHO). Speaking of sound, the echoing of Rosa's footsteps in that last video is amazing.

Ya Palom & Porom!

dmixwell4024d ago

they backed out on ff7 on n64 and ten years later they put it on the ds, they might of made some changes but i bet this was an old n64 game

Wii60PS3DSPSP4023d ago

Well I think I get what your saying. Though I can't see why they couldn't have made a Final Fantasy game for the N64 like this. Maybe if they didn't cram so many full motion videos into them that were not really needed. Sense the DS is basically a portable N64 they could have.

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