We Swallow The Lies: But Do We Like The Taste?

Ryan Strain from Platform Nation writes We Swallow The Lies: But Do We Like The Taste?. He goes on to ask: Should we, the gaming community, be bothered when developers lie through their teeth at us, or should we simply not care so long as they continue to make good games?

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Dramscus2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )


If a company spits on me I don't buy their products.
I stopeed using MS products because of windows related BS. I stopped buying Nintendo because of blatant recycling. And I pretty well in general gave up on pc gaming because of hokey DRM practices.
Though I do dabble in indie pc games :)

zerocrossing2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

The current "lie through their teeth" attitude has made me a very fussy gamer (Ok Ive always been fussy) but now even more so.

Im tired of all the devs coming out with pathetic excuses for all the crap and patches and updates and DLC disguised as full priced games we have to suffer through, purely because we obviously expected way to much of them them when we expected them to be competent enough to do their damn jobs right in the first place.